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Oct 08 2012

Pleather Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is just around the corner which means that you may already be thinking about candy. But most importantly, you will be thinking about your costume. Do you want to be the same thing as last year? Or do you want to try something different? The inspiration for your costume can come from anywhere: a fictional character from your favorite book, movie, or television show, a classic scary figure, or something entirely original.

The ever popular book and movie, The Hunger Games, may spark a new Halloween costume trend this year. For fans of the fictional characters, Katniss Everdeen might be seen ringing doorbells and singing out “Trick or Treat!” on the night of October 31st. All a girl would have to do is have a messily braided hair, a bow and arrow, and at least a good, pleather jacket. A little dirt streaked here and there would add a nice touch. Maybe the Trick-or-Treater could pull a stance like the one shown in the picture every time someone opened the door.

For the guys, there is a strong fictional character that you can be too. Fans of the television series, Supernatural ,will recognize Dean Winchester and his distressed pleather jacket. Add Dean’s typical t-shirt underneath, worn blue jeans, charmed necklace, and bad-boy walk and you have transformed in to the demon hunter.

A fireman is always a classic Halloween costume. This costume is also made out of pleather material to give the glossy appearance. While it may not scare the kids on the block, who doesn’t want to be a fireman for a night?

A final idea starts with this pleather, cowboy/cowgirl hat. Add a pleather vest with fringe, a plaid shirt, blue jeans, pleather boots and a gun holster. You are now a member of the Wild West! Once Halloween night comes, you will be all set to round up some candy.

The list goes on for new and well used ideas. Some like to dress up as the same thing each year –that’s tradition –but if you are looking for something new, think about the previously mentioned ideas and see what works for you! Happy Trick-or-Treating!


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Oct 04 2012

Vinyl and Latex Star Wars Costume

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“Star Wars” will never die. Not only is the story unforgettable, the costumes are plentiful and flexible. Kids and adults can wear them, which makes them ideal for family oriented costumes. They can also be adapted to today’s hottest or most used fabrics, like vinyl.anakin vinyl

The options concerning vinyl go well with costumes worn in Star Wars. For example, Anakin Skywalker wears a lot of leather. Well, not everyone can afford that, and that’s where matte vinyl comes in. Its exterior is almost an equivalent to leather, and it comes in the same colors. It could also be made into a replica of Anakin’s vest, with a simple t-shirt under it. Accessories are what really make Star Wars’ costumes unique.

The most famous, Darth Vader, is also an easy wear. Not only is he drenched in black, he is shined with mysteriousness. Forget the face piece, unless one is already had. Face paint is cheaper and creative. The rest of the outfit would use a cape or robe made from patent vinyl. The exterior is what to focus on. Patent vinyl is thick and less flexible, which is good in this case because Darth Vader is not a flimsy or thin character, by any means. Underneath the cape could be black denim jeans and a black top. Like Anakin’s wear, it does not have to break the budget. Darth Vader is also for the ladies, who would only have to wear tighter pants since their legs are usually worth showing off; Vader with a twist.

vinyl female vader

Speaking of ladies, Princess Leia deserves some credit. Depending on what outfit the wearer wants to remake, patent or matte vinyl could be used, even gold pvc for her bikini-like ensemble. The usual thing we see her in is like an all-white sheet with a belt. That sounds pretty simple to mimic, and easily spotted once the trademark buns-on-the-side hairstyle is worn. Of course, her usual drab can be turned into something a bit more modern. Cut some slits into the bottom half of the dress, or turn it into a skirt. Less material used can mean less money spent. Or wear some white, vinyl pants and a white tank top. It’s all about the hair with Princess Leia, anyway.

princess leia


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Oct 01 2012

Make Thigh High Boots from Existing Shoes for Halloween Costume

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This video shows an easy and quick way to turn ankle boots into thigh highs. The demonstrator is wearing leather or faux leather ankle boots. To raise their length (or to make them appear raised), she takes a skirt, which seems to be made from the same material, measures the length compared to the original boots and her legs, and cuts down each side, splitting the skirt into two even pieces.

She folds each piece in half, and sews them, as to make a cylindrical shape to wrap around her legs. But she leaves a few inches unsewn. With these extra inches, she sews on a few short, elastic bands. Their purpose is to offer stretch ability when fit around the knee/high leg area. She puts them on and voila!

The original boots do not get touched in any way, so if mistakes are made, or it’s just not the right style, no harm, no foul. If a skirt is not available, this could probably be accomplished with pant legs, or large pieces of whatever fabric is around. Leathers, real or faux, are a better choice because of their finish and darker tones. It’s ideal to match with, and darker colors can help pull off the illusion that the boots are actually thigh high.

Another pro is the change-up. In the fall, thigh highs are necessary. But in the hotter seasons, take off the add-ons and wear the ankle boots. It’s the perfect pair of shoes because they will last and look good throughout the year.

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Sep 29 2012

Faux Leather Uses for Halloween

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leatherette suit2012 proves to be the year of the superhero. From “The Avengers” to the trilogy of the epic “Batman,” all sorts of costumes and make-up are being splattered on the big screen. Movies are a huge influence for Halloween costumes. Kids who can’t even say “spiderman” run around, door to door, in their cute little suits. Thankfully, the array of these blockbuster characters covers both the simple and plain, and the dark and mysterious. So when Halloween comes around, a few of the best materials to help enhance and highlight these features will use different types of artificial leather.

Concerning leather, nothing can ever be as good as the original. But not everyone wants to sacrifice an animal for fashion, nor shell out hundreds of dollars for a single jacket. And as time goes on, artificial leather is only getting better as far as cost, ease, and replicative abilities go. For costume-making, especially, fabrics made out of plastic, or vinyl, or pvc are the smartest route to take. Sometimes, we want to keep the costumes from five years ago, and that is another benefit of using something like leatherette.

faux leather leggingsLeatherette is very popular for clothing and upholstery. Its base is made from a fabric, and its outside is covered with plastic, usually a soft pvc layer. Practically maintenance free, it also is basically guaranteed to never crack or fade. Leather is extremely heavy on its own. While it transfers heat, it is still not a good idea to keep it on for hours, especially on a Halloween night where physical activity is a must. Leatherette, on the other hand, looks like leather and is breathable.

Certain fabrics are limited in their utility. Not everything goes great with fur, for example. Leather is the same, but its artificial counterpart is more versatile. This means that there are more possibilities in which the material can be used. If someone does not want to be Catwoman, but wants to trap her enigma and finesse for her own costume, then any type of artificial leather should suffice because of the different textures, styles, patterns, and finishes that are available with such matters.

Halloween is one of the best days of the year, a chance to be something or someone else for a few hours, for all ages. To those people that really care about what they want to wear, represent, show off, etc., artificial leather is highly recommended. Not only is it applicable to the actual dressing, but also to any props that may come along. It could probably be used as the candy bag or bowl! Some examples of the possibilities of artificial leather are shown here.



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Sep 25 2012

Television-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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When Halloween rolls around, there are always going to be those classic costumes of vampires, zombies, ghosts, and Frankensteins, but it is becoming increasingly popular to mimic a famous celebrity star, either as a tribute to Lady Gaga or to poke fun at Snooki.

We all have that favorite television star or celebrity. We admire how they look and how they dress. When the time of Halloween rolls around, we have to opportunity to look like one of those famous people. It is a lot of fun to feel like a star and even more enjoyable when people recognize who you are trying to look like.

When creating your costume, there are always those telltale qualities that a television star is recognized for. For some, it is the hair color, so your costume will emphasize that. For others, it is a unique sense of style that he or she is known for, which should be reflected in your costume. Although there are a few celebrities who are so popular that you can purchase a ready-made costume at the store, others will be trickier, mandating that you get creative with the sewing machine.

Recently, there have been so countless people dressing up as the people from Jersey Shore, who, as living caricatures, are easy to imitate. Even if you do not watch the MTV television show, you will probably know who a person is dressing up as if you see the big hair, deeply tanned skin, lots of makeup, and tight outfits.

Aside from Jersey Shore, the possibilities are endless, since there are so many television shows out there. You could go in the direction of a cartoon character, a reality show host, or any famous celebrity that you see on the red carpet. All you have to do is find a picture of that person in an amazing outfit and copy it.

For fans of the HBO television series, True Blood, the possibilities are infinite, as there are so many recognizable characters like Sookie, who you could imitate by dressing up in her waitress outfit, or choose one of the vampires, such as Pam. Pam offers Halloweeners many costume options because Pam’s whole wardrobe in the series is very much like a costume. She wears a lot of tight vinyl clothing, which gives her that hardcore, bad vampire vibe to the viewers. Add some fangs and bright red lipstick and you have just transformed yourself in to True Blood’s Pam.

For those who are more in to the crime scene shows, there are a lot of Halloween costume ideas there that can make you stand out from all the other trick-or-treaters. CSI fans can dress up as an investigator and carry around a case that contains all the gadgets you need to collect evidence, or you could go in an entirely different direction and be one of the bad guys that the CSI investigators arrest.

While many of the bad guys may not be recognizable to anyone who is not a diehard fan of the show, there are some serial killers that a lot of people will recognize. One example of this is the serial killer known as “Sqweegel”. He dresses in a full body latex suit, leaving only his eyes, which are different colors, showing. Even if people do not know where the costume is from, they will still be impressed and terrified by the outfit.

Halloween lets us become someone different for just one night. We can be terrifying or cute. The possibilities are endless and each year the costumes get more creative. Becoming a television star for the evening through vinyl fabric can be a fun escape from reality. And there’s free candy.

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Sep 23 2012

Funny Halloween Costumes

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While Halloween is kind of our version of “The Day of the Dead,” dedication to strictly scary costumes is not always on everyone’s agenda. Sometimes, dressing up as dumb celebrities, politicians, television moguls, etc. makes for great costume ideas.

snookie vinylTake Dog the Bounty Hunter for example. This guy’s staples revolve around leather and feathers; not hard to duplicate. All one would have to do is feather his or her hair (either literally or figuratively), strap on a dark brown leather vest (complete with cheap beads), and wear a pair of sunglasses from the dollar store. If a pair of leather or pleather pants is available, put those on to complete the ridiculously silly bounty costume. dtbh vinyl vest




Since “The Jersey Shore” is coming to an end, costumes dedicated to those meatballs could be a way of saying goodbye and good riddance. Besides the wacky gelled out hairdos, vinyl tube tops and strapless dresses adopt the classic “shore” look for women. For the guys, muscle shirts and vinyl pants to match your ladies seems like the perfect situation for a funny Halloween costume.

2012 is a political year, but those guys running don’t usually incorporate fun fabrics into their wardrobe. The next best thing: dumb celebrities. Bret Michaels made his comeback a few years ago, and he has since not been forgotten. Another costume idea, some of the materials might even be stuffed somewhere in a closet, could be a cowboy hat (hopefully with a long blonde wig), and ridiculously tight leather pants. The top does not even matter. Do a crappy job applying mascara and eyeliner, and you’ve got one of the hottest 80s rock stars looking back at you in the mirror.


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Sep 21 2012

Celebrity Halloween Costume Slideshow Review

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Celebrities get to dress up all the time, but Halloween is still the best day of the year for them to go all out and not have to worry about paparazzi and gossip splattering their careers and reputations. In an ironic way, seeing famous stars play in costumes makes them seem more human and down-to-earth.

In this short slideshow, model Heidi Klum and singer Seal steal the first slide. She is dressed as an alien, covered head to toe in plastic, and possibly, latex. Seal’s costume as the Silver Surfer looks to be made from a metallic silver foam suit.

Christina Aguilera’s costume, while simple is easy to copy at home. She is supposed to be a sexy cop, but her belt could use some shine. She should’ve worn some sort of leather material to compliment her black vinyl hat.

Liv Tyler’s bird-meets-cat-meets-sorcerer costume is another simple ensemble. Besides the feathers, the only real creative piece is her mask. It could be replicated by being cut out from something like pleather pants.
Kate Beckinsale’s vinyl-esque corset is beautiful, and it matches her gloves. Her husband balances out their costumes with thick leather pants; Frankenstein in style. Buzz Lightyear shows the light side of vinyl’s strengths. The legs would look a bit better if they were tighter. Latex sheeting would be a suitable option for this effect.

Most of the costumes presented in the slideshow appear to have been made autonomously. Though, I’m sure some were bought from the typical all-year round Halloween store. It’s no secret that the majority of costume play uses fabrics like pleather, leather, vinyl, latex, etc. it’s not so much how the materials feel, but what they are portraying. Wonder Woman, for example, is a very sparse outfit, but the right colors and materials can make it bold. Gold pvc would capture the original superhero’s look, and it would highlight the costume as a whole. Not only are the previously mentioned materials collaborative, they are inexpensive, reusable, and practically maintenance-free.

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Sep 15 2012

Cosplay Video Review

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Cosplay, a term used to mean “costume play,” is the point behind events like Comic-Con. All over the country, mass amounts of people come out to play, disguised and dressed up like their favorite superheroes, villains, comic book stars, etc. Throughout the hours, millions of colors, patterns, designs, and props are seen. Materials and fabrics like latex, pleather, and pvc are no longer solely reserved for secret fetishes, and this video proves how into their costumes people can be.

There are characters from Star Wars, who wear already-made costumes, a girl wearing Freddy Kreuger’s infamous sweater and hat, and too many Batmans to count on a single set of hands and feet. Even the host of the video is wearing a skirt that looks like it was made out of a plastic base fabric. Most of the costumes shown throughout are made out of cheap, withstanding, comfortable fabrics. These are a few of the best elements to have when making or choosing a costume to make and/or wear.

A minute and a half into the video, a guy, with some sort of lighting design on his costume, is wearing a full body suit. His suit looks to be fabricated out of leatherette; a type of imitation leather. It serves as a breathable alternative to something like pleather. Latex is known for its shine and dramatic effect. Therefore, it is commonly used for tight, mysterious, and sleek costumes. If latex can’t be used, pvc has the same basic qualities. Both have stretchable abilities, too.

A costume does not have to resemble an already-known character. The point of cosplay is to be as “out there” as possible, and enjoy the art of costuming. Kids aren’t the only ones who love to play dress up.

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Sep 07 2012

Vinyl Halloween Outfit Ideas for Your Pet

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Halloween is that fun time of year to go around to the neighbors’ houses and get a bagful of free candy.  Dressing up in crazy-colored wigs, adding costume makeup, finding a cool outfit, and becoming an unrecognizable person is just another part of the fun tradition.  But dressing up is not just for the humans anymore.  It is becoming more popular to dress up that four-legged family member in a cool vinyl costume, too.

The practice of dressing up the pet dog has been around forever.  You can see dogs in little doggy sweaters all the time.  But it has become especially popular on Halloween for more people to dress up their dogs in an outfit when the dog owners want to work the pet in with their costume.  This might be Toto to go along with a Dorothy outfit from The Wizard of Oz, or the dog could be transformed in to the cartoon dog, Pluto, if the group goes with a Mickey Mouse theme.  There are so many creative ways to truly make the family dog a part of a family event.  And each year, the costumes get more and more elaborate.

Although such dog whimsical costumes are cute and fun, some people like to go in a more hardcore direction when it comes to dressing up on Halloween.  Of course, there are your ghosts, zombies, Count Draculas, and bikers.  Creating a ghost dog can be easy enough if your dog does not continuously try to get the sheet off.  A zombie dog or dog vampire may be a little trickier to accomplish.

Nothing gets more attention for your dog than a vinyl costume:

  • Transforming into a rough-and-tough biker can be easy-to-do if you have a lot of leather.  To complete your costume, your pet sidekick is going to want something vinyl to match your own outfit.  There are several black vinyl jackets on the market that can easily turn your dog in to a biker, too.
  • If you have a pink princess for your own costume, then, of course, your pup will have to match with her very own pink vinyl jacket.  The two of you will be walking the streets on Halloween in style.
  • Any dog channeling his inner Grease T-Bird will need a black vinyl jacket, too.  Complete the look with a little white t-shirt and people will think you have a Danny Zuko on your leash.

The best thing about vinyl is that it will be easy-to- clean if your dog tends to get dirty when out on the Halloween walk.  If you can’t find the perfect outfit for your canine friend, you can always make your own vinyl doggie Halloween costumes.

There are so many different ways to get your pet a part of the Halloween spirit, from something as little as adding devil horns, to a complete outfit from head to tail.  A lot of people take their dogs with them on the walk from house to house so it makes sense to get the dog dressed up, too.  If that does not convince you, just think; you may get an extra candy bar or two for having a dog in costume and the pictures of dog dressed up in its vinyl Halloween costume will be priceless.


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Sep 07 2012

Stretch Vinyl Costume Ideas

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Ghouls and goblins are now archaic Halloween costume ideas. Gone are the days when witches and werewolves populated neighborhood streets, crowding doorways for free treats. As characters became more complex, so did their costumes. One of the most functioning materials to use, no matter what genre the costume reflects, is stretch vinyl.

Superhero costumes are probably the best example of what stretch vinyl looks like and how it’s represented; Catwoman, Black Widow, Spiderman, etc. Whether vintage versions incorporated vinyl into their original designs, adding some shine and glam just deems them modern. Even if one wants to stick to the vintage image, vinyl can still be utilized. This applies to classic Halloween costumes as well. A nurse is a very common fall get-up. Not only is it cute, it’s sexy. An alternative to wearing a plain, white cloth skirt would be a stretch vinyl one. It would highlight the simple attire completely. white and red vinyl skirt

Stretch vinyl is vinyl, but with more flexibility to move in. Costumes that are used in physical activity would definitely benefit from this. Also, because it is water proof and resistant, it’s easy to maintain and can be worn repeatedly. Any type of vinyl would suffice for a costume meant to be seen and shown off. Wearing a full blown suit may seem too much, so thank the fashion gods for accessories. Gloves, boots, hats, headbands, belts, sashes, etc. are small items with large declarations, and they shouldn’t be forgotten. black vinyl catwoman gloves

Anime is another category where plastic coated fabrics are applicable. Same with cyber-oriented costumes, like aliens. With space costumes, colors and finishes have room to expand. For example, a metallic purple suit would fare well for a standard sci-fi look. Even a creepy swamp creature could be mimicked by using stretch vinyl for that “wet” look. Other advantages include cost. For most, finances are limited, and people want their money to go far. Not only is vinyl a cheap product, it can be re-used for other things, such as aprons, upholstery repair, pet costumes, etc. going green doesn’t have to burn green, unless, maybe the costume is the Green Lantern.

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