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May 05 2009

Choosing a Halloween costume fabric

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Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year. Both children and adults revel in dressing up as characters, ghouls, ghosts, and just about anything you can imagine. Specialty stores setup shop a month before October 31st and sell a wide variety of costumes and accessories at a huge markup. If you don’t mind paying, this can be a decent way to get an outfit.

MJTrends.com halloween fabrics: Comin' at ya point blank!

MJTrends.com - your source for halloween fabrics.

Since most Halloween costumes are only worn once, the sizes usually come in small, medium, and large – custom sizing is out of the question. If you want to save money and get a one of a kind show-stopping costume that fits like a dream, you should make your own!

If you decide to make your own outfit for Halloween, you need to choose the fabric that you will use to create it. Pinstripes are great for gangster costumes, velvet is often used in medieval dress, black vinyl is wonderful for slinky catsuits, white and red pvc for a sexy nurse outfit.

For a crazy and exotic outfit unlike anyone else’s you can create something from latex sheeting. This material is typically glued, not sewn, and can be made into any type of costume you would like. Gluing takes more time than sewing, so if you are going to use latex be sure to leave yourself some extra time to get the outfit done. You can view a series of tutorials at MJTrends on how to work with this unique material.

Faux leather is also great for halloween costumes. It is much cheaper than leather, which can cost up to $200-$300 for a hide (which could be 4×6 feet in size). Plus, faux leather is easier to sew than the real stuff. Most average sewing machines don’t have the power to sew through leather, whereas any standard setup can be used with faux leather.

MJTrends.com: Halloween fabrics for cats and humans alike - Meow!

MJTrends.com: Halloween fabrics for cats and humans alike - Meow!

Catsuits, skirts, gowns, chaps, gimp suits, spartans, there are all kinds of exotic and fun halloween costumes that can be made with faux leather. You can browse patterns online or at any local fabric store. Once you’ve picked up your pattern, be sure to remember all the accessories – buttons, ribbon, lace, eyelets, stretch cord, that you may need.

Measure the pattern against your measurements and make any adjustments as necessary. The adjustments will depend on the costume and fabric you are using. If you are making a loose fitting garment you will probably want to make the measurements fit close to you actual measurements. If you are working with a stretch fabric and making a tight fitting costume you will want to make the adjustments as much as 2-3 inches smaller than your actual measurements.

Four-way stretch vinyl and latex, especially thinner guage latex sheeting, have a lot of give and can be stretched to create a form fitting garment. Patent vinyl on the other hand, has very little to no stretch, and will not be very comfortable if made smaller than your actual size.

MJTrends: Black, pink, hot pink vinyl, pvc fabrics & latex sheeting.

MJTrends: Black, pink, hot pink vinyl, pvc fabrics & latex sheeting.

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