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Feb 02 2010

Vinyl fabric anime inspired costumes

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Vinyl fabric for anime costumes.Halloween is a time for fun and excitement, not to mention the joy of wearing the costumes of your favorite anime characters!  Halloween costumes express our inner fantasies whether we are young or old, and anime costumes span the generations.  Some of the most popular anime Halloween costumes are made with vinyl fabric that not only expresses the cartoon appearance of the anime characters, but also provides for durable and reliable wear.

Anime Halloween costumes that are made out of faux leather fabric are sure to last you for not only this Halloween season, but they can also be reused at parties and anime conventions.  Vinyl is durable and easily washable, therefore, there is no need to worry about any dropped food or drink, just simply take a wash cloth and wipe it down.

For men there are a variety of options for anime inspired Halloween costumes.  Some of the most popular anime shows that these vinyl Halloween costumes are inspired by are Metal Gear Solid 3, Trigun, Vampire Knight, and Final Fantasy.  For Final Fantasy, the character of Vii Cloud Strife can be found in costumes made of faux leather, because his outfit is largely with leather-like accents.

Faux leather anime costume fabric.For Vii Could Strife, the gloves, belts, sleeves, and even the pants can be fashioned out of faux leather.  Using matte faux leather, the look is truly menacing, and emanates a powerful presence.   Another Final Fantasy is Sephiroth with an all vinyl trench coat, heavy claps, and striking accessories, this anime Halloween costume is very real.

Twin Snakes of Metal Gear Solid 3 is a anime inspired Halloween costume for individuals who love military themed anime.  With a vinyl utility vest, patent faux leather boots, leg and arm guards all overlapping a customized white stretch vinyl bodysuit, this costume is truly head turning.  There is also the all vinyl red trench anime inspired Halloween costume of Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

Red vinyl fabric for anime.For women, there are far cuter outfits than those of the men, not to mention far sexier.  There is the anime inspired vinyl nurses Halloween costume that is a short black nurse’s dress with red accents.  This Halloween costume is hot and sexy while taking in the cartoonish atmosphere of anime.  One of the most well known anime costumes is that of Street

Fighter’s Chun Li, typically her sexy short electric blue kimono is a polyester fabric, but for those who want an even sexier, more customized look for Halloween, try to get this anime inspired Halloween costume made in an electric patent vinyl fabric.  Pair with a killer pair of white patent PVC high heeled boots, and you are set to go out for the night in style.  Lastly, if you are looking to stay warm this Halloween, try out the Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Plugsuit hot pink patent faux leather body suit complete with vinyl accents and details.

No matter what your favorite anime character, there is sure to be a faux leather choice that you will be able to rely on and enjoy for many years to come.

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