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Jul 31 2010

Kids Halloween Costume fabrics

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Homemade vinyl pirate boots, patent-vinyl catsuit, daring shiny superhero, and stretch pvc rock star costume: these are some of the examples of fun costumes that you and your child can make for this coming Halloween season.

Halloween costumes for kids involve some of the most wonderful excitement, and allow children to explore the reaches of their imaginations.  Halloween costumes are easy bought in your local Halloween shops and cost efficient marts.  While you are carving away a frightening Jack O’ Lantern work of art, decorating your home with all things creepy and spooky, and getting all the essential goodies ready for all the other Trick-or-treaters add to the fun with making your very own homemade Halloween costume.

Making a Halloween costume for your child is something that can be very enjoyable, and is a good bonding experience.  Your child will be able to customize and create a look that is truly what he or she wants.  The best part of this fantastic project is that your child can go out on Halloween proud of not only completing something for themselves, but also being the only one in the neighborhood with that exact costume.  Too many times children are stuck with cheep store-bought costumes that do not fit correctly, and they need additions for cold weather that make the look bulky and different from what they want.  Also, many times a child goes out trick-or-treating to find that a neighbor or a friend has the exact same costume taking away all the fun of searching for the perfect costume.

Let your child experience the joy of having their very own customized Halloween costume.  Not only will this be about boosting self-esteem, but also teach your child valuable skills that can be carried into other projects such as sewing, drawing, decorating, etc.

The task to many parents may sound daunting, especially the process of purchasing different fabric, sewing, and decorating materials.  However, there are some simple yet fun costumes that you and your child can create without taking up too much time and effort.

Vinyl pirate boot for halloweenVinyl pirate boots are the essential element to any pirate look.  Vinyl boots are surprisingly easy to make; what you will need to complete this project is:

-          One pair of black (preferably) dress shoes in your child’s size which are easily obtained from any shoe shop or for a cheaper alternative look at your local thrift store.

-          Pick up from a fabric store 2 yards of black vinyl fabric; patent vinyl would be best suited for a crisp look, however for a warn look cracked or matte vinyl works well.

-          Elastic

-          A good pair of sharp scissors

-          Thick needle and a heavy-duty sewing machine, if no sewing machine is available grab a hot glue gun.  Thick sewing needle and heavy-duty black thread

First step is to take measurements from the bottom of the shoe to your child’s knee, and additionally around the child’s calf so that it fits loosely.  Using the measurements from the knee plus 2 inches , and using all the measurements you are left with a relatively rectangular shape that you need to cut out of the fabric, stitch up the back and right sides, then turn inside out.  Next, choose whether you are using the glue-gun or sewing machine and attach the cut out piece to the shoe.  At the top of the boot shaft add a flap by cutting out of a piece of vinyl in a circle with the inside cut out that is big enough to fit around the calf, and add the piece of elastic by sewing both to the top of the shaft or boot.  The flap is for looks only and can be as full as desired, while the elastic is essential to keep the boot on.   Finally use you and your child’s imagination to rough up the boots if desired, i.e. using brown spray paint, rolling in dirt, etc.

Another wonderful vinyl costume for your child is one that is perfect for girls by making a catsuit.  Simply purchase an appropriate amount of vinyl fabric, choosing whether you prefer patent vinyl or matte vinyl, and in any color desired.  Draw and cut out the pattern your child wish’s to have by drawing with chalk on the purchased fabric, and then simply sew together leaving a little extra to add a zipper.  A catsuit is one of the best Halloween costumes for kids, because it can be multiuse, because a black catsuit can be perfect for a young girl’s Catwoman’s dreams, the same catsuit can be used for boys with a Venom mask to create a perfect Venom outfit.  Any color can be multiuse; a red catsuit can be used to make a Spiderman, Electra, or even with some simple switching use of vinyl duct tape for the little details and you can make an Ironman costume.  There are so many options available for one simple kid’s Halloween Costume.

Home made girls halloween costumeCreate girly looks with snakeskin boots, skirts, or even make a snake costume with faux snake vinyl patterns that not only look real, but are inexpensive.  Choose a white faux leather fabric with accent red colored fabrics to create a rocking look for your little rock star wannabe; the options are endless.

Even purchasing patterns for children’s Halloween costumes can help guide along any vinyl creation.  Vinyl is the perfect choice in making homemade costumes for children, because it is cost efficient, easy to wash, and it is durable.  Its durability allows your child to donate, hand down, or use again for future Halloweens.

Try out one of the great and many vinyl Halloween costume ideas for Halloween 2010.

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