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Aug 09 2010

Latex halloween costumes

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latex halloween costumeHalloween costumes can be made from every fabric including latex sheeting.  Latex rubber is a material that is used in molding and the medical field.  Latex sheeting is also very popular in use in fashion, especially in more sex oriented fashions.  Latex has long been the staple of Halloween magic between props, masks, and makeup accessories, and has always had a place in Halloween celebrations.

The biggest seller of latex material is the Halloween mask, from Freddy Kruger to a scary clown, the best and scariest Halloween masks have been created out of latex.  The reason for this is, because latex has a rubbery feel that when placed into a mold and correctly shaded is very similar looking to that of a real face or body part.  Ears, noses, and scars have all been created through the wonders of latex.

Latex is getting a new life now through all the futuristic and sexy costumes that the latest musicians like Lady Gaga have been wearing on tour and about town.  This constant portrayal of beautiful women wearing latex outfits in the media has met with a peaking interest in other clothing options featuring the material.

The alternative to vinyl catsuits is latex catsuits, the difference is really in the feel and look.  Vinyl is not as skintight as latex.  Latex has the ability to make a person look as though they are wearing nothing, and that the outfit is their skin.  Catwoman costumes are easily made with both vinyl and latex.  For those individuals looking for a simpler and cost efficient material, vinyl catsuit would be the way to go.  Latex, however, is the next step up with its curve hugging barely there look.

Many different costumes can be created from the simple catsuit such as Electra, Silk Specter, and Kill Bill.  These versions, however, are generally sexier and more revealing than that of the vinyl material.  Latex can be used to create sexy boudoir costumes that are perfect for naughty parties or the bedroom.  Other costumes can be made from a combination of latex and non-latex materials such as glamazon with long latex gloves or a boot camp instructor with thigh-high latex boots.

Latex takes Batwoman to a whole new level with a super shine and a fierce look.  Latex is also able to make a simple uniform look either scary and authoritative or super sultry.  Some examples of sexy latex uniforms are short nurse dress, sexy maid’s uniform, sexy nun outfit, military, and cop.  The look of one particular cop uniform is a sexy latex mini skirt dress in electric blue that covers the chest and has short sleeves.  This near complete covering, with the exception of the high hemline is nowhere near conservative.  This look is extremely sexy and fierce making the mind take another look at sexy.

With latex clothing, the outfits do not have to reveal a whole lot of skin in order to be revealing.  A military latex dress that is long sleeved covers a fair amount of the body, but the shine and the fit make the Halloween costume all the more revealing.  Latex is a truly body hugging material that reveals every curve, rivet, dimple, and separation on the body.

latex nurse halloween costumeA fair amount of latex clothing can be used to make something seemingly ordinary such as a keyhole sleeveless top into a hot Halloween costume.  With a red latex keyhole sleeveless top and a black latex skirt, an individual can create a steaming hot waitress costume.  Or the same skirt with a ruffled v-neck red shirt one could create a sexy librarian look with ease.

All these looks can be created completely from latex fabrics and materials with only the addition of other fabrics if desired.  All these Halloween costumes are not only amazing in the way they are created, but they are gorgeous.  Choosing a majorly latex Halloween costume should be a consideration for adults everywhere.

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