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Aug 19 2010

Halloween costume ideas for couples

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Halloween is a time to let all your deepest fantasies to come true.  What better way to do this than as a couple?  Couple Halloween costumes are always a big hit at Halloween bashes, plus too it makes it easier to find your mate in a sea of people who look nothing like themselves.

There are couple costumes from sexy and fantasy, to scary and humor.  Many costumes are easily purchased online, and they can also be homemade for those on a tight budget.  The best costumes to get the party started on Halloween night are those that use more fantasy fabrics like mesh, vinyl, latex, snRoman soldier outfit with snakeskin fabric.akeskin, etc.  These fabrics allow for imaginations shining through in many different ways.

Another great thing about these fabrics is that they, in general, when purchases singularly look as though they are already a part of a costume.  So, if you and your partner have a couple pieces of some skin tight latex wears or some hot pleather pants, then you can easily piece together a look from previously purchased items that look as if you just bought them from the costume shop.  Another wonderful thing about these fabrics is that they are easily washable and they are very durable, so you could reuse your items again and again, but still have them look brand new when you wear they a year latter.

Here are some fun couple Halloween costume ideas that are sure to bring attention not only from your partner, but also from all the envious observers.

Sexy costumes are always a great way to get the festivities started on Halloween.  Halloween is the one day of the year where anyone can dress as wild and sexy as they want, and not be judged for how they look.

When a couple chooses a Halloween costume set that is sexy they are not only able to show that they are comfortable with walking around with skin showing clothing with each other, but they are also saying to the world that they are hot Couples halloween costume from latex sheeting.together and that observers can look but can not touch.  Some fun and sexy couples Halloween costume ideas are:

  • The sexy batgirl and the sexy batman.  These two hot patent pleather capes, skirts, and pants are so sexy that you may want to have a superhero role playing session afterwards.  Granted batman may be completely covered up, but batgirl makes up for it with the sexy black vinyl mini skirt.
  • Rob like thieving pirates in these hot pirate costumes.  For the lass we have a skin tight pirate inspired latex jumpsuit, and for the lad we have a long vinyl trimmed dirty trench coat with a dimple pleather vest.   This is one look that shivers me timbers.
  • Cleopatra and Marc Anthony are a twosome to be awed, and when you slip into these empowering Halloween costumes, as a couple you will both rein above all.

Some other fun and entertaining costumes that as a couple you can share are:

  • Trinity halloween costume from the Matrix wearing shiny black vinyl.The Matrix: Neo and Trinity are the perfect Halloween costumes for the couple who wants to stand out in a crowd.  With their long black patent pleather trench coats, their intimidating sunglasses, and not to mention those sexy vinyl boots, the Neo and Trinity Halloween couples may be right for you and your partner.
  • Play hospital with Dr. and Nurse Costumes that are made out of wet latex making the costumes statement making pieces.  These Dr. and Nurse costumes are made out of wet latex that is sure to hug every curve and create a sexy skin tight look that will be hard for your partner to resist.  Play naughty or nice, either way you do it, these are truly fun couples costumes.

Halloween is a time for couples to enjoy together the fun and excitement that can come from role playing, acting, and simply dressing in something unusual.  Couple can take their Halloween fun to a sexy level or even to a humorous level with a variety of costumes.

No matter your personality there are plenty of Halloween costumes out there developed specifically for couples.  The best part is, when they are comprised of durable materials like vinyl, they can be reused again and again.  Don’t forget that your Halloween costume is not just applicable during Halloween.  Use it to spice up the bedroom, or throw a wacky themed party, the options are endless.

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