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Aug 20 2010

Mens Halloween Costumes

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Men’s Halloween costumes are such a joy to make and purchase, because men have the ability to move in and out of humor, sex, and horror with ease making their costume choices simple and multifaceted.  Men this Halloween are going to see a range of costumes to suite every individual man’s desires.  Even couples costumes will be both fun and quirky.

mens costume fabricThe newest Halloween costumes feature characters and figures that resonate with men on a great number.  A range of Star Wars costumes means a guy can live out his geekiest hero fantasies with full coverage Halloween costumes made of everything from vinyl, stretch vinyl, to simple polyester.  Some of the best faux leather Halloween costumes are the GI Joe, Halo, and Star Trek Nero, Dexter, and Michael Jackson Thriller jacket costumes.  There are many new Halloween costumes being made every day, and the choices are endless.  Many of these new costumes have faux leather elements or can be made by hand to be vinyl or PVC.

Guys who are looking for more sex appeal in their Halloween costume can find it in a sexy Hercules, Spartan, or stripper costumes.  Hercules and Spartan costumes consist of knee length faux leather skirts and a sexy cape.  There are a multitude of sexy men’s costumes in the realm of hero, ancient, and pirate costumes that make any man no matter how tall or skinny look amazing.  Exploring the realms of the imagination is very important to all men, therefore they should be looking at that outfit that they would never have the guts to wear unless it was Halloween.  Wearing an ancient style skirt is something the majority of men would shy away from, however, when the price that can only be offered by faux leather products and the name Hercules or gladiator enters the picture, then men are right aboard.

There are also a fair amount of funny costumes that cater to the male sense of humor.  Such as a Buddha statue and an astronaut costume.  Both made of inexpensive vinyl, but look hilarious when on someone’s body.  The male sense of humor will get these funny costumes if not only for the way they look on an actual person.

The best part about being a man is that they are able to have a vast array of superheroes, TV. action starts, horror stars, and look exactly like them.  Women in general are more concerned with making it look like they are wearing their costume and not the other way around.  Men, however, are more concerned in looking just like their favorite character accessorizing not with jewelry, but with masks, faux weapons, or faux sports equipment.  Men have a need to look as close as they can to their favorite character.

Men, in considering their Halloween 2010 look should think about getting one that is mostly or partially made from some sort of faux leather, because it is inexpensive, durable, washable, and easy to reuse.  Men, in general, do not know how to sew; therefore purchasing their costume is probably the better option.  There is such an array of Halloween costume choices to choose from that they will surely find one to fit their style.

Even many couple Halloween costumes are designed with the male sense of humor in mind, for example the plug and socket costume.  Men can also choose from the selection of women’s costumes to create a not only hilarious combination, but a very popular combination.  Surely if a guy shows up at the Halloween party in full on Marilyn Monroe costume, the reaction will be timeless and fun.

Halloween is not only for women and children anymore now that there is a vast array of choices for men.  Everything from superhero and action stars to hilarious joke costumes, there is sure to be a vinyl costume out there that will satisfy even the pickiest of men.

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