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Aug 25 2010

Movie character costumes

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There are many outfits out on the market that resemble or can be made to resemble different movie characters.  Movie characters take on a life of their own once they have been viewed by the population at mass.  There are many movie characters thAvatar halloween costume idea.at have stayed in the eye of the public as icons from Star Wars to The Avatar.  Outfits spin from these popular pop culture moments and make a bug splash.

Vinyl fabrics are most notably a part of the fashion industry in the fetish and costume world.  No where else will you find a vinyl Batman suit or a faux leather Catwoman outfit.  These characters have their own costumes in the movies they appeared in, and from these specific costumes designers and individuals are able to take bits and pieces in order to immolate and create something new.

When the Batman movie with Catwoman came out, nothing did more at the time for latex jumpsuits than that character did.  With the skin tight latex full-bodied jumpsuit including a face covering mask, Catwoman brought this fetish item out into the light.  Now individuals from pop stars to everyday individuals are wearing brightly colored latex jumpsuits or other various fantasy fabrics in jumpsuits.

The Matrix with Neo and Trinity’s characters inspired a slew of patent latex and vinyl trench coats that gave the same superhero feeling rather than the back ally feeling trench coats used to have.  Neo and Trinity, even though only characters inspired not only trench coats, but pleather sleeveless shirts as well.  Some regular club wear is comprised of elements from the Matrix movie.

Movie characters have always been most notably associated with the festivities and wonders of Halloween.  This holiday imagination and magic has always been surrounded by characters from pop culture of the time.  Back a few years ago Freddy Kruger, Jason, Michael, and other notable characters were the Halloween costumes of choice amongst everyone from young to old.  Today, however, newer movies have inspired the season’s costume themes.  This biggest and most notable movie characters that will be inspiring 2010’s Halloween season are:

  • The Avatar’s Neytiri
  • Ironman 2’s Ironman
  • Jonah Hex’s Jonah Hex and Lilah
  • The Clash of the Titan’s Titans
  • Twilight

Through all the newest advances in technology latex masks and outfits have become more realistic.  The Avatar’s Neytiri’s outfit in the movie was aided by special effects, however, the technological advancements in the fashion world have made if so individuals who want to look like her are able to.  Neyrtiri’s costume consists of a bright blue vinyl bodysuit.  This kind of look is very interested and sexy at the same time.  Consumers who want to have an immolation of Neytiri without all the tribal markings can look to purchasing similarly colored latex or vinyl bodysuits that can be paired with any number of accessories and other clothing options.

iron man costumeIronman is one symbol that has always fascinated people with the power of a single individual blessed by artificial aids much like Batman who takes on the forces of evil anyone would be excited to dress up like this powerful character.  This Halloween we will see a lot of Ironman suits and masks.  Nearly all Halloween masks are made out of the durable and flexible materials of vinyl and latex.

When paired with a vinyl bodysuit, the Ironman look is unmistakable.  In order to bring this look into the everyday, one could simple purchase similarly colored vinyl pants or a vinyl top that does not look exactly like the suit, but instead draws from the colors used to create the suite.  This kind of drawn inspiration is how many designers create their clothing lines.  Whether they saw a flower and made a beautiful dress to immolate it, or they simply copied a costume, designers are influencing pop culture and fashion from every angle they derive inspiration from.

Fashion designers and designers in general are able to take something that seem so complex like a movie character costume and turn it into something completely different.  This kind of act is what makes pop culture fascinating, because unless you are present during that given time and phenomenon you will never understand why someone would have an outfit that closely resembles a movie character.  With out things like movie characters, television personalities, and all the great things the media and entertainment provide, fashion would be a whole lot less interesting than what it is today.

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