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Aug 30 2010

Pet Costumes and fabrics

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vinyl fabric for dogsLittle Red Riding Hood, a pumpkin, a fireman, an astronaut, and a little devil are fun and exciting Halloween costumes that your pooch will love this Halloween.  Dress up your little one in a mini-size creation of your favorite characters or even as heroes.  For this Halloween make it a doggy party with a fun Halloween party with all your pup’s friends in their wonderfully festive outfits of course.

There are many Halloween costume ideas that will not only be fun to coordinate with, but will also make your pup look great.  Vinyl is a great way to go when choosing or making your pooch’s Halloween costume, because it is cost efficient, durable, and easy to clean.  Since doggies don’t always go to the restroom when or how we want them to, vinyl is the perfect solution to avoid messy laundry and messy situations.  Also, many fabrics such as lace or mesh can easily fall apart or be ripped apart by the busy nature of your pup; therefore, the safest bet is to stick with faux leather.

There are many choices involving vinyl fabrics in doggy Halloween costumes that will not over heat your pooch.  This is, because many pet Halloween costumes and clothes in general are made to only cover a certain amount of your pup’s body.  However, in the Fall, when it is much colder out, your pup may appreciate the warmth provided by faux leather fabric materials in his or her Halloween costume.

Ladies, want to have a sexy costume, and want your pup to match?  Then, go with a sexy Little Red Riding Hood look, and let your pup share in the fun.  Creating this look for your pup is not too difficult, because in general you will not need as much fabric as you would for yourself, and due to the limited coverage capabilities for pups, you will be able to make a simple design without too much hassle.  You can choose to either make yours or purchase, but the expensive nature of most dog clothing makes it better to hand make your pup’s look yourself.

By taking simple red, white, and black vinyl fabric you can measure your pup, draw a design of a cape and hood on the vinyl fabric with chalk, and sew it together.  Your pup will love looking as sexy and put together as you do.  If you are scared that you’re designing and drawing skills are not up to par, then simply purchase a pet Halloween costume pattern of your liking and go from there.

Another great Idea is to make your pup a hero by dressing up like a fireman or an astronaut.  There are many Halloween costumes comprising of simple vinyl and PVC fabrics that are easily purchased online or at the store.  Then, there is another option, like with the Little Red Riding Hood vinyl Halloween costume; you can choose to make it yourself.  Faux leather fabrics come in many colors, textures, and designs, therefore you are sure to find the perfect fabric to create the look the look you want for your pup.

Here are the basic steps to making any dog costume (customize directions as needed):

-          Measure pet from neck to hindquarters, around the body just behind the front legs, and measure around the neck of your pup.

-          Draw on a piece of paper a rectangle of these measurements, and bring to the fabric store in order to choose the appropriate amount of vinyl fabric.  Remember you need extra vinyl fabric for embellishments or designs.

-          Use a pre-purchased pattern, or hand draw with chalk your desired design.  Keep in mind that the measurements for the neck and body are the most important as you do not want your pup to be choking or squished into an outfit, because it could potentially harm your pup.

-          It is important to note that along with sewing machine and materials, the thread you sew together your pup’s outfit with must be very strong and sturdy to not only bring together the vinyl, but to insure that your pup’s outfit will not fall apart.

-          Use your imagination!  This is the most important part, because your pup’s Halloween costume, even if store bought must be customized to his or her size.  Therefore, you may have to find creative ways to alter an outfit.  If designing your pup’s Halloween costume yourself, don’t be afraid of making a mistake, because your pup will not know, and will appreciate any present you give.

More pup ideas for creation or purchase of Halloween costumes that are of vinyl or PVC fabric are a little devil, go-go dancer, biker, nurse, prisoner, and pretty much any other Halloween costume you can think of.

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