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Sep 05 2010

Top Gay Male Costumes

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Faux leather fireman costume for halloween.We are here to comprise a list of the top 5 Halloween costumes for gay men.  Get ready to see some hot and fun costumes that are catered to the taste of the everyday gay man.

  1. Lady Gaga
  2. Vampire
  3. Fireman
  4. Police Officer/Military Officer
  5. Greek/Roman/Egyptian

First, on our list, is the new futuristic styling’s of Lady Gaga inspired Halloween costumes.  Lady Gaga has become a force to reckoned with showing that no matter who, what, or where you are you can be as wild and creative as you want to be and still be loved.

Lady Gaga has taken it upon herself to create a campaign to accept and become comfortable with gay men and women all over the world.  Lady Gaga’s latest videos show a gay favorite military police uniform, and other insidious images sends a strong message to those who oppose gay rights that the gay community is not going to back down.

Many gay men and women have decided this Halloween to honor the efforts of the eccentric Gaga with some Gaga inspired Halloween looks.   From her stretch vinyl silver stared body suit to her blue architectural shouldered vinyl lined bodysuit; Lady Gaga’s costumes will be on men and women this Halloween.

Gay vampire mens halloween costume.Secondly, with all the wondrous success of the Twilight series, a vampire craze has risen up and is taking over this Halloween.  From kids to adults, the vampire look is definitely in this Halloween season.  For all those sexy gay males, this means that you can act out your deepest Edward vs. Jacob fantasies.  Create a sexy vampire look with some essential elements.  Many guys will find that they can make their vampire inspired Halloween costume out of some simple home items with maybe one large new purchased item.

The simplest way to create a vampire Halloween costume for any gay guy is to take a simple suit from your closet, preferably black; use either a ruffle shirt or a plain white collared shirt underneath.  In order to accessorize the costume properly you can choose to purchase a vinyl cape, and many places are offering some hot gothic inspired red and black vinyl shoes to kick off your vampire look.

In order to add some fun standout accents, take some latex tape and cut it as desired adding to the suit where wanted.  And a little trim here, and little hem there and you have a hot simple to make vampire look for this Halloween season.

Other sexy vampire looks that all gay men will love are the rocker gone vampire, and the vampire gone slayer looks.  With the rocker vampire look we have a sexy winged black vinyl jacket with red trim and a matching vinyl belt.  Pair it with some skin tight patent pleather pants, and some rocking vinyl biker gloves and you will have a hot sexy look to die for.

For the vampire gone slayer look, there is a wet latex jacket equipped with a latex gauntlet with blade and a high thigh leg guard belt.  This is one hot look that any guy can customize with see-through mesh tank top, pleather pants, latex fetish undergarments, etc.  Make this Halloween once to remember.

Next is the quintessential fireman Halloween costume that everyone from gay men to straight men love.  Gay men love being seen showing off their hot bodies in this hero outfit, while straight men enjoy the attention of uniform loving ladies.  Make all your gay friends and significant other drool over this essential Halloween theme.

There are many different styles of firemen costumes for gay men to choose from.  You can choose from a simple pair of yellow patent pleather pants and accent it with red vinyl tape, attach a pair of red suspenders, and you have yourself a homemade sexy firefighter’s Halloween costume.

This is a way for every gay man to show off not only imagination and creativity, but also the sexy body that has been in hiding; because the pants and suspenders are the only items of the costume that will be covering any part of the body.

Another way is to purchase a simple firefighters yellow or black vinyl Halloween costume.  You can sexy it up by opening up the top portion, or you can dress it down by staying completely covered including your firefighters hat.  There are so many options, they are endless.

Fourth, on our list of the top 5 Halloween costumes for gay men, is the powerful police officer.  Take your partner down town with this sexy Halloween look.  Play cops and robbers to spice up not just Halloween, but any night.  Don’t just leave it to your state or local police Halloween costumes, dress up as a military police and let your authority be known.

Latex military halloween outfit for gay men.One hot police officer Halloween costume is a dark navy blue or light blue long sleeve wet latex top with black accents and tie. Pair this with some skin tight black latex pants, a knight stick, police hat, and some black vinyl boots and you have yourself a look that is both authoritative and sexy.

Vinyl police costume for gay men.Go military with a military police officer’s latex uniform.  This form fitting military style shirt and pants are the perfect match to woe any uniform lovers.  These uniforms are sure to turn heads due to their skin hugging appearance, and their representation of force.  Try to get arrested by one of these sexy officers Halloween night, and you are sure to enjoy it.

Lastly, as we come to a close of the top 5 Halloween costumes for gay men, we look back on ancient times.  To times when men and men shared each others beds quite frequently, and where Emperors and warriors knew a male lovers touch.  We are talking about the Ancient Greek/Roman times.  Costumes inspired from this time range from Spartan warrior vinyl pleated skirts and vinyl armored vests to Hercules imitation vinyl armored outfits.  Gay men, especially those more into drag, can always find women versions of these as well.  Even Cleopatra inspired Halloween costumes are a big hit with gay men.

All of these Halloween costumes can be used with straight and gay men alike.  This shows that sexual orientation does not mean that each individual is extremely different, because deep down we all are much more similar than we might think.

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