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Sep 10 2010

Ladies halloween costumes

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womens vinyl halloween costumeThis Halloween make an entrance to wild bashes in a sexy fun costume that expresses all of your inner most fantasies, and lets you try to reach the limits of your imagination.  Pair up with friends, a significant other, or simply enjoy your own special look.  There are many options out there for the young to the old that have simple yet high quality fabrics that are durable and washable.  That would be vinyl, PVC, faux snakeskin, and much more these fabrics allow for sexy women to be able trust that the night won’t be ruined by a spilt drink or ripped from tripping.

Depending on the look you are going for whether it is comedy, sex, or impersonation, there are many great ideas.  For women who want the have a Halloween costume full of humor examples are: Betty Boop, Champagne bottle, Guitar, Bowling Ball, egg, and more.

A woman’s Betty Boop costume is simple to buy and make.  Made out of a skin hugging red patent vinyl dress, high heels, and garter you will look both sexy and humorous bringing your guests some nostalgia.  You can make this Betty Boop Halloween Costume by first measuring your body, purchasing the appropriate yardage of red patent vinyl fabric, drawing with chalk on the fabric the design of the dress with a low cut top and slits on the bottom, then use a sewing machine with very strong and durable thread, and there you have it; Purchase a pair of patent red vinyl high heels to complete the look.  The more elaborate the outfit the more guidance you may need, so do not fear purchasing the outfit online or simply purchasing the pattern for simple directions to the perfect humorous Halloween costume.

Womens silk spectre halloween costumeThe top selling costumes for women at most major retailers can easily be made at home.  Some examples of the top Halloween costumes are Ultimate Glam and Go Go Dancer.  Ultimate Glam can be purchased online or made with a simple dress design of patent black vinyl with a high slit.  Very easy to make with no real fuss, and you can accessorize as desired.  You can even reuse it for a sexy night out on the town.  The Go Go Dancer look would not be complete without those knee-high patent vinyl go go boots.

New looks are coming this Halloween 2010, and they are going to be hot!  The Avatar movie has inspired the Neytiri Halloween costume; GI Joe has inspired the Baroness costume.  Both are sexy PVC catsuits with various designs.  With all the slew of superhero movies and shows, women’s Halloween costumes are featuring Silk Specter, Woman Robin, Superwoman, and more.  These costumes feature the tried and true faux leather appliqués, skirts, and dresses that not only give a sexy and powerful look, but also allow for use for future events, say a superhero party?

Bring the fun of video games to your Halloween party with a sexy vinyl Chun Li Street Fighter costume.  With a sexy patent vinyl electric blue finish with a sexy shorter than short hem this vinyl Halloween costume is sure to turn heads.  Charge your pink power with a Pink Power Ranger costume, with head to toe pink stretch vinyl fabric; complete the look with sexy silver vinyl boots, and the essential Pink Power Ranger mask.

Any outfit for Halloween 2010 will be paired great with standout faux leather knee-high boots in all colors and designs.  The best thing about these boots is that they can be used when you go out to parties or just for fun.  These boots are durable and easier to make comfortable with sole inserts that no one can see. They are a great accessory to any outfit, and not to mention warmer than pumps or high heels.

There are so many creations that you can either purchase or make with ease.  Vinyl fabric is one of the best fabrics to use during Halloween, because it not only is durable and easy to clean, but it will keep you warm, even if you are wearing a short Chun Li outfit.  Comfort is essential when enjoying the festivities of Halloween, therefore keep your body warm and your wallet full with high quality faux leather fabric homemade alternatives to store bought costumes.

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  1. Blue Patent Faux Leatheron 11 Sep 2010 at 2:06 pm

    Charge your pink power with a Pink Power Ranger costume, with head to toe pink stretch vinyl fabric; complete the look with sexy silver vinyl – let’s get inspired!

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