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Sep 15 2010

Top 5 Trashiest Womens Costumes

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Sexy, scandalous, and trashy; we are here to bring you the top 5 trashiest women’s Halloween costumes.  From skin tight vinyl catsuits, faux leather corsets, and PVC mini skirts, to fetish fabric nurses outfits, and latex capes.  Halloween brings out the inner fantasies in us all.  Our top 5 breakdown is:

1.       Sexy & Trashy Vampire

2.       Sexy & Trashy Witch

3.       Sexy & Trashy She-Devil

4.       Sexy & Trashy Nurse

5.       Sexy & Trashy Cat

All these looks are sure to awe and excite even the most uptight individuals.  Who wouldn’t be excited by a tight leather corset with a hot PVC mini-skirt look?

Trashy womens vinyl vampire costume.First up on our top 5 trashiest women’s Halloween costumes are the sexy and trashy vampires.  Vampires are in.  With a new found following from the fanatic fans of the Twilight series to the avid viewers of the hot and sexy True Blood, Vampires have made a comeback and it’s a big one. Everyone one from more distinguished mature women to the young and bold, women all over the world are letting their inner vampires out.  There is just something so mystical and capturing about a superhuman with immortality’s kiss waiting in the dark.  Not to mention all those hot and sexy vampire suitors.

The look of a vampire is simple: a little black lipstick here, and little white powder there, fangs, drops of blood and some black clothes can complete any simple vampire outfit. However, in order to make our list of the sexiest and trashiest women’s Halloween costumes, we have to kick the vampires look up to eleven.

  • Lets start of with a simple gothic vampire outfit of long floor length fabrics with a very renaissance design of a corset, plumped up skirt, and a low cut that will make everyone envious.  To spice it up, change out those flowing fabrics of cotton and toile, and instead trade in for some hot fetish fabrics like vinyl and mesh.  To complete the look all one needs is a sexy messy hairdo, a set of fangs, and some dramatic makeup, and there you have it: a trashy gothic vampire.
  • Another hot vamp look takes a little bit of the club and mixes it with the old.  To create this trashy look you will need a high collar faux leather jacket with faux leather tuxedo tails, a sexy vinyl choker with a cross, a hot mini pleather garter skirt, and sexy trashy low cut midriff PVC tank top to match. Accessorize with a mini top hat, some sexy fetish fabric fishnet stockings, and finally some oh so hot high heels.
  • Sexy vampire costume made from stretch vinyl.The last look we can talk about for the sexy vampires of the work is the trashy boudoir gone part vampires outfit.  The perfect look can be created by purchasing or making a pleather black with red accents scalloped edge mini dress with a popped collar, a puffy mini toile petticoat for underneath,  a dark necklace and bracelets, some hot thigh high latex boots , fetish fishnets, and finally some dramatic makeup and hair.  This look is perfect for those intimate fantasy come true moments, or to just have a little party fun.

Next on our trashiest women’s Halloween costume list is that of the sexy and trashy witch.  Every woman has a little bit of magic in her, whether it is magic to hold a man, motherly magic, or simply that sexy animalistic magic.  Try to dress up this Halloween in a magical trashy fairy tale with these hot vinyl inspired ideas.

  • For all those hot mamas out there, you don’t have to pack away your sexy night time outfits or throw away those unmentionable costumes.  Take pride and have fun that you are a hot woman who deserves to have one night of the year looking as sexy and fabulous as possible.  One such look is a long  loose sleeved cut out vinyl gown with the witch fridge cut; This vinyl gown is short in the front, while long and elegant in the back.  Add a latex waist cincher, and the quintessential witch’s pointy hat, and the look is complete.  Make all those around you envious of this daring look.
  • Long sleeved vinyl witch outfit.Now, Halloween is in the middle of the Fall season which many times means it can get pretty chilly running around at night through the streets.  A perfect solution for those who want a sexy witch look without sacrificing their warmth, go for a tight faux leather black dress, long sleeved with purple velvet had covers, see-through cleavage, and a short skirt.  Pair with your favorite witch’s hat, some fantasy fabric stockings or better yet, and some thigh high latex high heeled boots.  This will create a short and sexy look that allows you to stay warm and happy during your night time festivities.
  • Another great trashy Halloween witch costume is that of a patent vinyl corseted dress with bright orange accents with off the shoulder ruffled sleeves and a mesh skirt.  Pair with a broom, cute and fun witch’s hat, and some orange and black stripped stockings and you are good to go for a festive color coordinated look that is both sexy and fun.

Third on our list is the oh so tempting she-devil, leave men quaking as you walk by this Halloween in some of the wildest, sexiest, and trashiest she-devil costumes imaginable.  For a few hot ideas, take this listing with you when you are doing your Halloween purchases, and remember, Halloween is a time to express your inner most fantasies without being judged, because it is the one day when everyone can act a little wild.

  • Become the Devil’s angel with a piping hot red wet latex short key-hole top bodysuit with some devilish wings and tail attached.  Top the look off with some cute horns, and an authoritative pitchfork.
  • Give a sexy striptease Halloween night with an all vinyl look that leaves little to the imagination.  With some fire inspired PVC pasties, a cut red hot vinyl bow tie chocker, and a sexy hot red vinyl thong.  Completed with some horns, a pitchfork, and some thigh high red fantasy fabric stockings and this is one devilish look that you can’t turn away from.
  • Lastly, make a show stopping appearance in a red hot stretch metallic foil vinyl dress with a sheer neckline and sequin accents.  This hot she-devil Halloween costume has a high slashed hemline with a sparkly sequined devil’s tail, and some cute sequined horns.

Naughty vinyl nurse costume.Fourth on our list is the tried and true naughty nurse look.  This sexy look is a part of many male fantasies; who would want to be taken care of by a hot naughty nurse?  These are a few examples of some hot, wild, and trashy nurse women’s Halloween costumes that you can wear this holiday.

  • Who says all nurses wear white?  This hot patent vinyl naughty nurse costume proves all those white wearing nurses wrong.  This Halloween costume has a black patent vinyl midriff baring top wit bright red front snaps, a short vinyl mini skirt with double lined red front snaps, some forearm length black stretch vinyl gloves, a cute little black vinyl nurse’s hat, a latex stethoscope for making checkups, and some thigh high fishnet stockings.    This is one sexy nurse’s outfit!
  • Be a bad nurse with this hot and sexy, yet simple nurse’s Halloween costume.  This hot and sexy look is completed by taking a wet pleather corseted top with boning and hospital crosses on the bosoms, a pleated wet pleather mini skirt, and top it all off with a cute little vinyl nurse’s hat.  This look is so simple that you can purchase it, make it, or piece it together yourself.  If you have a black pleather corset in your closet, just take come vinyl tape to create the crosses yourself.  This is a bad nurse look that is truly going to turn heads, while offering multiple use capabilities, because you can use the corset as a top or the skirt by its self.  Perfect!
  • To round out our hot trashy nurse Halloween costumes’ list, we end with a more traditional naughty nurse outfit made for easy removal, as well as for a sense of realism in fantasies.  This naughty nurses outfit is a pleather one-piece front button short sleeved mini dress that comes complete with a pleather nurses hat, and a latex stethoscope.  This is a look that will not only bring a sense of realism, but will also be appropriate attire for many different types of Halloween parties as it is not too revealing for those who have children, yet not too covering for those who want to party it up.

Catsuit made from 4-way stretch vinyl.Last on our top 5 trashiest women’s Halloween costumes, is the mysterious elusive kitty cat.  Let your inner feline out with some hot and sultry kitty looks that will make every man bark at your feet.  These cat inspired looks range from feline imitation to superhero-esque Catwoman.

  • Become an enticing kitty with this patent pleather jumpsuit with see-through midriff, patent pleather bra, black tie closure, some essential kitty ears and a cute sexy tail.  This look can take your imagination from superhero to bedroom in five seconds flat.
  • Get a look that is not only hot, but commands obedience with this stretch vinyl laced up front long sleeve jumpsuit with cleavage cut out.  Top the look off with some sexy cat ears, and there you have a hot look that will have men on their knees begging for mercy.
  • Faux leather catsuit.Bring out your inner superhero with this Catwoman inspired jumpsuit.  Straight from the movie screen to your Halloween get together, this is a look that is not only sexy, but empowering.  When something this hot comes with pleather gloves, a latex whip, and a sexy cat ear mask, you know there is going to be some trouble in town.  Wear this at your next Halloween bash, and you are sure to have everyone talking.

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  1. Pleather Corseton 16 Sep 2010 at 8:00 am

    My vote for a Trashy Womens Costumes is to use a black pleather corset in your closet, just add some viny or leather jeans and viola – instant Halloween dominatrix costume.

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