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Sep 20 2010

Workplace costumes

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Halloween costumes are great for going to parties, helping out Trick o’ Treating, and just for fun, but when it comes to wearing a costume in the workplace employees need to be careful.  Many employers ask that their employees abstain from wearing their Halloween picks in the office as it is seen as unprofessional.  However, some employers want to show good spirit and join in on the fun and allow workers to wear Halloween costumes to work provided they are appropriate.

Appropriate workplace costumes means that the costume, in general, may not consist of revealing, lewd, crude, and discriminatory.  The question then presents itself, what Halloween costumes can be worn to work?  The answer is, many.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of costumes available out in the world, and most readily available on the Internet.

Not a work appropriate costume.

Not a work appropriate costume

Some choices that are not offensive or revealing are career costumes.  Career costumes are available to both men and women in various hemlines.  This gives an employee an opportunity to dress up like the career of dreams or try on a new one for fun.  When choosing a Halloween costume, sticking to one in the career section is probably the safest bet, because who can argue with a fireman costume?

Materials that the costumes are made out of are too very important to choosing the right type of Halloween costume for the workplace.  Employees should stay away from flowing see through fabrics or fabrics that are too skintight such as latex.  The best fabrics to go with are regular polyester and matte vinyl.  Patent vinyl is too shiny and distracting for the workplace, therefore choosing the matte vinyl is a better alternative.

Women have many options available to them regarding career costumes.  Some jobs, in real life, women largely do not find suitable such as a fireman or police officer, but on Halloween everyone can act out their fantasies.  Picking or making a sexy yet appropriate nurse, police officer, firewoman, detective, sailor and more in a matte vinyl allows for the Halloween costume to stand out amongst the polyester kind, but be subtly sexy enough to not cross the line.

Men have many options as well for the perfect workplace Halloween costume.  Male Halloween costumes tend to have a fair amount of faux leather.  Men should be sure to make that faux leather matte and not distracting, because certain career Halloween costumes have faux leather jackets, boots, pants, hats, etc.  Highway patrol and firemen are general comprised of faux leather materials such as a vinyl jacket for the patrol officer and a faux leather fireman’s coat.  Other Halloween costume choices are military, sailor, astronaut, judge, and more.  Some have vinyl elements while others do not.

Another type in choosing a Halloween costume is to stay away from religion and controversial matters, because in the workplace you are in close quarters with other people, therefore that hot nun or male nun Halloween costume that looked hilarious might make some other employees uncomfortable.  Avoiding conflict in the workplace is one of the main focus points of any get together or fun that an office might have, and to jeopardize everyone’s fun with a controversial Halloween costume vinyl or not would be very selfish.

Many different elements can be added to any Halloween costume from vinyl materials to make a wonderful workplace joke that is both funny and appropriate.  Using vinyl fabric and supports one, should employer allow it, could make a homemade desk costume or something funny of the sort.  Vinyl fabric is easy to purchase at the fabric store or online with many different colors, textures, and finishes the entire office can make a party or contest out of it.  Then again we all hope employers are as easy going as we wish.

Choosing a Halloween costume that is appropriate for the workplace is not difficult, and can be made even more fun by grabbing up some vinyl fabric and using coworker’s imaginations.  Let the fun begin.

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