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Sep 27 2010

Horror inspired costumes

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Vinyl Apron muderer Halloween costume.As Halloween night begins to arrive, parents place around their bowls of candy to distribute to young trick-or-treaters, children begin the process of turning into their favorite character, and decorations are all hung about to complete the atmosphere.  All is calm in the night, until along comes a child with a psycho clown outfit!

Halloween can be a night where a little girl can hop around as her favorite ferry princess, while boys and run around like their favorite superhero.  Halloween is also a night when kids and adults can turn their love for horror movies into a walking terror.  We have all seen it, one kid in the neighborhood with a truly terrifying costume that scares all the younger children screaming and running away.

Technology has advanced so much that these horror characters are a little more than a young kid playing dress-up.  These outfits look nearly real, and if it was any other day you might believe it so.  Over the years there have been some pretty scary Halloween costumes that have shocked and terrified, and this is mostly due to the use of vinyl and latex fabrics and molds.

This material is able to mold into whatever shape desired, and unlike regular plastic, it has a very flexible skin like hold.  This texture makes it so when a designer creates a costume or outfit immolating someone else; they are able to get the look nearly exact all with the help of a little inexpensive vinyl and latex.

Here we have comprised a list of some of the scariest vinyl and latex Halloween costumes that you will see this season.

  • Hellraiser PinHead
  • Gothic Rag Doll
  • Hellraiser Chatterer
  • Cryptic Rocker …and more.

There will be a lot of scary horror costumes this Halloween ranging from old movies to new movies.  Hellraiser is making a big comeback, and it is pretty frightening.  Be sure that you warn your children that there may be some extreme costumes Halloween night, because no one wants their child scared for life by the image of the Chatterer in their heads.

Scary halloween costume with imitation leather fabric.These frightening Halloween costumes would not give such an intense reaction if it were not for the key element: the mask.  These horror costumes have vinyl capes, latex boots, pleather gloves, fake blood, artificial wounds, and you can see the bones and guts in some of them too.

However, if these costumes had all these things and still no mask, then it would not be nearly as scary.  To see the entire ensemble is to see into the pit of darkness.  Looking at the mask of a psycho clown, personally, send me running from my chair, and to imagine seeing that on Halloween night in the dark hours is truly frightening.

Any adult or older teen would really truly enjoy these scary classic movie derived costumes.  Adults, in general, get a kick out of pranking and scaring one another.  One tried and true Halloween prank is to wait in the bushes or at the bedside of a sleeping mate, and then to jump out unsuspectingly and scare the living wits out of whomever the target is.  This is why it is a good idea for parents of young children to accompany them along their trick-or-treating journey to insure that these scary costumes and masks do not inspire any hooliganism.

Vinyl hazmat scary costume.Halloween costumes do not need to include the mask in order for it to seem scary.  Granite, it helps a hundred and ten percent, however, a cheaper and more imaginative way is to do the makeup yourself.  You can take the vinyl horror costume, take the main theme, be it death or slaughter and incorporate it into the makeup process.

Say your Halloween costume is the Gothic Rag Doll, you can white out your face with some white cream or powder, add some black lipstick that gets smeared on the lips, do the eyes in dramatic hues, and finally and hand drawn fake blood, or use a fake blood recipe to make it look as though you are bleeding.  Simple at home tricks can make any latex horror outfit truly standout.

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