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Oct 25 2010

Halloween costume trends

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Vinyl halloween dress.Halloween is one of the greatest times of year, a time when children can run and play dressed as their favorite cartoon character or their favorite hero.  It is also a great time for adults to let their inner fantasies, hobbies, and humor come out.  Halloween is a holiday for all ages, and there are costumes to fit every age, personality, and desire.  This year some of the best Halloween costumes are those made from faux leather fabric.

This is, because faux leather is very easy to clean and is extremely durable, no matter whether it is on a child coming from a long night of Halloween Trick or Treating or it on an adult that has been partying all night long.  Imitation leather can take the beating from candy, drinks, dirt, slim, and oogly gunk.

Some of the best artificial leather ideas for men this 2010 Halloween season are: Jake Sully (Avatar), Vampire (Twilight), Halo Master Chief (Halo), and Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland).  For Jake Sully from the Avatar movie, one could use a bright neon blue vinyl bodysuit with black vinyl accents to appropriately capture the character’s look in the film.

Using paints would be far too time consuming, and in the end would cost more money, really the only place that should be painted is the face and hands, that way there is more ability to customize those areas of the body.  For those who do not wish for a bodysuit, then an imitation leather neon blue shirt or just sleeves and a collar can do, just be sure to cover the rest of the body with Halloween costume friendly fabrics to form the outfit of Jake Sully.

Mens leather vampire costume.Vampires seem to be everywhere this season, and they can give quite a fright.  Those who are Twilight fans can surely enjoy the easy use and availability of vinyl Halloween fabrics to create one-of-a-kind 2010 Halloween looks that immolate those of the Twilight stars.  Faux leather pants, shirts, and accessories are easily able to be created at home with the help of someone with a sewing machine, and who knows how to sew and cut patterns.

Otherwise, simply head to the closest costume shop where the abundance of vampire inspired costumes are endless.  The perfect Edward from the Twilight movie costume would be to pair black faux leather pants with a red and black vinyl vest and a back blazer to top it all off.  This look is not only sexy, but easy to make and purchase.

If you do decide to head on over to a costume shop, why not check out some of the other great men’s 2010 Halloween costumes of the Mad Hatter and the Halo Master Chief.  Both of these character’s costumes can be found in vinyl.  They are over the top and very realistic, which is only made better by the flexibility and versatility of the faux leather fabric.

Halo Master Chief not only can have vinyl pants and top, but the mask and utility belts can be made out of the same Halloween fabric as well.  The Mad Hatter needs the pump that patent artificial leather gives it, especially since this 2010 Halloween season’s version is from the Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland where the imagery is over the top and psychedelic        .

Some of the top 2010 women’s Halloween costumes are those of Lady Gaga, Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Snookie (Jersey Shore), and the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland).  For Lady Gaga, the choices are nearly endless.  Nearly the entirety of her wardrobe of everyday wear, music video costumes, and stage performance fashions incorporate some element of vinyl fabric.

This Halloween go out in Gaga-style with one of her trademark outfits like Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi VMA performance outfit complete with vinyl thigh high boots. Get fantastical with an Alice or Queen of Hearts character costume from the movie Alice in Wonderland, specifically the Tim Burton adaptation.  With sexy and regular versions of these Halloween costumes there are availabilities of vinyl corsets, skirts, and accessories.

Vinyl halloween fabric costume.If you have pretty capable hands with a sewing machine and pattern cutting, you can style these vinyl psychedelic with a little more of your own personality.  Even the Jersey Shore is getting in on this Halloween’s action with Snookie’s famous short cut, tight fitting dresses.  In order to go over the top purchase a Snookie beehive-wig and pair it with a Snookie vinyl dress of choice.

All of these fashions can also be tailored to younger children in less revealing and more child-friendly forms.  Many of which are popular in children 2010 Halloween costume choices.  If your son does not want to be one of the above you can always suggest the never failing Batman or Spiderman which are simple at-home creations with some great priced vinyl fabrics and vinyl tape that can create a costume of your son’s dreams.  For girls, other suggestions can be Jessie from Toy Story or even a Disney character with vinyl accented dresses and accessories that are durable.

The best thing about using the vinyl choices of these great Halloween costumes is that you can rest assured that they will last the night, and can even be reused the following year.  Halloween greats such as vampires, superheroes, Disney characters, and popular movie characters never go out of style so you can not feel guilty about reusing that Halloween costume for next year, or alternate throughout the years to come.

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