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Mar 08 2011

Pleather cosplay costumes

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Cosplay is one of the perfect times to utilize pleather fabric to its fullest potential.  There is something about seeing someone in a shiny or matte pleather costume that is unbelievably sexy.  Faux leather can be used to make any type of cosplay outfit from the short and skimpy to a full coverage catsuit.

Another great thing about using pleather fabric to make your next cosplay outfit is that it can be used to make structural additions to your outfit or to simply to add small accents to your cosplay outfit. You can cut out the appropriate pieces, add some inserts to stabilize, and sew it on for a shoulder pad or armor type leather plates.

Leather devil may cry cosplay outfit.Some of the most iconic cosplay characters look even more sexy and more amplified when portrayed in pleather.  Characters such as Trish from Devil May Cry look absolutely smoking.  The fun part of cosplay is that the individuals who want to immolate this character not only have the option of purchasing an outfit, but also have the option to create the look themselves.

It tends to be a trend amongst individuals in the cosplay circle to hand-make their outfits.  This cosplay trend of homemade costumes is something that makes cosplayers proud.  They are able to take their favorite characters and customize their outfits in a way that fits them perfectly.  Pleather, when purchased from a reliable high quality company, is easy to work with and simple to customize.  All you need is the materials to put together your costume, a pattern, a sewing machine, and some basic sewing skills.

Final Fantasy VII pleather cosplay outfit.Other great characters to immolate through cosplay are the characters from Final Fantasy in any series.  Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic cosplay series, and has some of the sexiest characters that are perfect for individuals who love cosplay to copy.  You can do a simple cosplay outfit with out all the hair and makeup out of a pleather skirt, pleather sleeveless top, a pair of pleather gloves, and a red pleather arm band.

This look can make a sexy Tifa Lockhart character in a second.  This cosplay costume looks smoking hot in pleather.  Not only is it a wonderful material to create outfits with, but is a sexy material as well.  You can even get together with a few friends and create a whole group of pleather cosplay outfits.  Some Final Fantasy characters really only look good in leather.  Especially those characters with the silver hair paired with some hot pleather pants, pleather gloves, and full length pleather trench coats; this skintight look is mesmerizing.

Faux leather fabric for cosplay outfits.

Pleather is a great material to make all your cosplay fantasys come true, and you can rest assured that any cosplay outfit you create will be talked about simply due to the power of the look.

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