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Apr 08 2011

Reptile print halloween fabric

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Reptile print costumes are more than just your typical dragon, snake, or dinosaur costume.  There are so many more options available out there for individuals who want to get their reptilian on.  One such reptile print is snakeskin.  Snakeskin is a print that evokes sex appeal, passion, and not to mention fun.

Snakeskin fabric can be used in a multitude of Halloween costumes, but the most important factor in choosing or creating a costume is to be sure to choose a fabric that is animal friendly and of a high quality.  Halloween costumes are generally made with cheap materials that fall apart easily and fit poorly.   However, if you want to insure that the money you are spending is worth choosing a faux snakeskin fabric that is of high quality is a must when creating such a Halloween costume.

Fergie faux snakeskin outfit.Some looks that might be good to use with faux snakeskin Halloween costumes are that of Medusa, a snake woman or snake man, a bellydancer, and even a costume of the popstar Fergie.   If you are looking to get mythologically inspired then a Medusa outfit would be the perfect option for someone wanting to incorporate snakeskin into their Halloween costume.

medusa snake skin costume.Medusa was a beautiful woman turned a ugly by an angry and jealous god, she had a serpents body with serpents as hair that would turn any man who looked into her eyes into stone.  Medusa is a powerful figure in mythology, and is both a scary and powerful character to immolate through your Halloween costume.  You can create a wild serpent covered headpiece with a full-on faux snakeskin bodysuit, add a little makeup and you are good to go.

When creating a snake-man or snake-woman, you can simply create a latex or vinyl snakeskin bodysuit.  Using a pattern and some faux snakeskin fabric you can create a snakeskin bodysuit that is tailored to your fit, and is as wild or as tame as you would like.  Adding an all-vinyl headpiece or face mask would be the perfect addition, however, if you do not like such restriction on your face you can choose to use makeup.

Snake skin fabric belly dancer outfit.If you have sexy abs that you want to show off, then the snakeskin belly dancing Halloween costume is perfect for you.  Not only does it show off your stomach, but it can also be used as a sexy bedroom costume.  The Fergie inspired snakeskin Halloween costume uses thigh high multi-colored snakeskin boots paired with a one-piece multi-colored snakeskin leotard/corset.  This look is not only sexy, but powerful.

When choosing your nexy Halloween costume consider getting some faux snakeskin and letting your imagination take over!

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