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May 08 2011

Crazy latex costumes

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This short thirty second video compilation is of a behind the scenes look into a latex costume photo shoot.  In this video you can see the variations between simpler latex costumes to those of the wilder more fantasy styled costumes.  Another interesting thing in this video is that you are able to see how these models put on these costumes, because unlike regular clothing latex does not just slip on, some lubrication is needed.


The video’s wide range of fashions is wonderful, because for individuals newer to the world of such costumes they are able to see more variety to expand their closets and their minds.  There are all sorts of little accents shown in this video that just bring that much more umph to the costumes.  Items such as collars, belts, gloves, arm belts, head coverings, and other out-of-this-world accessories are some must haves when it comes to completing your outfit.  Studs, chains, and buckles are other wonderful accents that give more edginess.


Towards the end of the video the models are seen with their final costumes posing for pictures.  This depiction from beginning to end of the process is a good aid for anyone trying to determine what kind of outfit to make or purchase, and what is involved with wearing it.


In general latex costumes tend to be more restrictive than their lesser quality vinyl counter parts, therefore when choosing the perfect latex costume one needs to be sure that it will not only look great, but be comfortable as well.  If you are someone who enjoys the restriction, then a full on vinyl catsuit might be perfect for you.  However, if you are someone who is just looking to have a little fun or something simple, then a cute little maid costume or a costume such as the first one depicted in the video may be a good option for you.


Those individuals who are more into the extreme side of dressing or are simply latex fashion coneseures may enjoy the costumes such as the one with the head covering, the face mask, or the latex costume towards the end with the large blown-up horns.  These kinds of costumes are not really for beginners, because they require a little bit more work to get into with all the buckles and lubrication.

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