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Jul 06 2011

Reuse last years costume

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When you’ve spent about fifty bucks on a Halloween costume or spent the time and money to make a costume on your own you get kind of annoyed that the only time you are going to wear it is one night of the year.  You might wear it a second year in a row, but wouldn’t you rather get a new one rather than stick to the same old thing.  Why not find another place for you to wear that sexy costume?  Well, you can, because there is more than one place for you to wear your old Halloween costume.

Goth black vinyl dress.

Purchase black vinyl fabric

If you have a skintight short black vinyl dress you can definitely multiuse these for something else other than on Halloween.  Costumes like these, even the ones that are more character driven, when worn with different accessories and no petty coats can be worn to a club, to a party, or on a night out with friends.

When you de-accessorized these costumes they are not as eccentric as one would think, thus they are the perfect investment of your Halloween spending cash.  More people, especially in this economy, should be figuring out ways to multiuse everything in their lives in order to get the most out of everything.  For guys, say your costume involved a pair of pleather pants, why not wear them during a night out on the town, same goes for vests.

There are many conventional options when choosing to wear your costume during the off-season.  Another interesting choice would be to throw a party.  Give yourself and your friends a reason to wear their Halloween costume during the year.  You can throw a movie themed party where your friends with those costumes come dressed as their old Halloween character from a movie.  This way you all can enjoy the fun of wearing the costume that you spent your hard earned money on.

Top and skirt made from vinyl fabric.Other than parties, if you are getting married, some people have chosen to have Halloween themed weddings, in which guests and wedding party alike wear their Halloween costumes to support the theme.  If not a wedding the same can be done for any themed party.

The key to wearing your costume not on Halloween is to have fun and to not be afraid of how you will look.  Even if you are choosing to wear your costume to a nightclub or a party you should just learn how to have fun with it, because we all have these items in our closets and we all need to learn the lesson of not purchasing things if they are only going to be worn once.  Halloween costumes are something that can be enjoyed year round if you know where to go and drop your inhibitions.

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