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Aug 06 2011

Best costumes when you’re single

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Halloween costumes are fun for everyone to enjoy from families and friends, groups and couples, to children and singles alike, everyone can join in on the fun of having the perfect costume.  The point of a costume is to get you noticed as a character, as something funny, or even something more poignant.  However, singles may have some trouble in getting their act together if they are used to going as something wild and crazy or as a couple.

Bunny costume made from pink pvc fabric

Pink vinyl bunny costume.

When choosing your next Halloween costume as a single individual, you should not take the considerations of your friends and family into play, instead you should consider pleasing yourself with something that you would like to wear and something that you believe will be eye catching to potential mates.

Now, this may be difficult if your idea of catching a piece of arm candy involves wearing a burka or some other costume that covers your entire body.  You should, instead, look for costumes that are sexy, statement making, or conversation starters.  Say you are an avid Family Guy fan and you want to dress as one of the characters from the cartoon for Halloween, go for it.

Shows like Family Guy are popular amongst many people and going as a character could be a conversation starter for other friends of the opposite sex.  Another choice would be to go as a famous old school character like something from Speed Racer or some other timeless classic that looks good; because people will see that you are either a true fan or have a love for nostalgia.

Vinyl fabric warrior costume

Womens Vinyl warrior costume.

Now, women, we all know what costumes tend to get the most attention, and that is the skintight, leg revealing sexy costumes of French maids, nurses, and really any character or profession that can be turned naughty or into a male fantasy.  If you believe you can pull off one of these looks, go for it, you might just find your next potential mate as nearly all the men at your Halloween party will have their eyes on you for good or bad alike.

Speaking of party’s, the most important thing on Halloween is that you cannot expect to grab the opposite sex’s attention if you do not go out to do something fun on Halloween night.  You absolutely must go to a party, throw a party, or go out on the town in order for your costume to have any sort of magnetic effect on potential lovers.  So, once you’ve passed out candy for some time throw on your Spartan, gladiator, sexy kitten, favorite character, or whatever costume and head out to where you will see people and people will see you.

Vinyl gothic fairy costume

Vinyl gothic fairy costume.

Singles need to understand that the world is not so hard in attracting the opposite sex; you just have to show that you are actually interested and things should fall in line.  However, do not get too overzealous and think that just because your costume is witty that someone will fall for you.  Engage in conversation about their costume and they just might see through yours.

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