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Sep 06 2011

Making a vinyl batgirl costume

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This video features a how-to on making a batgirl Halloween costume out of vinyl fabric.  This video is simple and easy to follow, because the how-to girl shows in easy to follow directions of where to cut, how to measure, and where to sew.   Using your body, rather than measurements the presenter shows you that it is the easiest way to fit the pattern to your size.

Then she clearly directs you where to sew, but all the while without making you overly concerned with perfection in both design and sewing skills giving you greater confidence in making your own clothes. The simplicity takes away the fear of creating a vinyl outfit on your own.

You can even update or modify the pattern to create any look that you please.  That simple dress design would work great paired with a matching vinyl witch’s hat and some thigh-high boots.  The versatility of making your own clothes with vinyl fabric like shown in this video is amazing.  The presenter uses the extra scraps from the initial cuttings from the dress pattern to make arm bands, and an extra sheet of vinyl fabric is simply tied around the neck to make the batgirl cape.

Using this video you can envision many different ways to use the fabric and the techniques shown to make other equally impressive Halloween costumes.  Even though this video presents the information without the use of words, it is able to transcend language thus allowing nearly anyone the capability of understanding how to make such Halloween costumes.    If you are interested in making a batgirl costume or any other costume that can utilize the patterns shown here, then this video is a great tutorial to get you started.

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