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Oct 15 2011

Halloween Warrior Costumes

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Xena sexy leather halloween costume

Xena warrior leather halloween costume

When you are going as a warrior for Halloween, it is key that you select a unique and high-quality leather or imitation leather, as the fabric can make or break your costume.  Among the most popular warrior costumes are: Xena Warrior Princess costumes, Nordic warrior costumes, gladiator costumes, ninja costumes, and Cherokee warrior costumes.

The fabric that you choose to create your costume is ultimately a personal choice, whether you select faux leather, patent vinyl, suede, lycra, or another type altogether.  A Ninja warrior is one of the most common children’s costume, which can be easily constructed by making a lycra top and pants.  Although many people rely on patterns, you can simply use your child’s favorite pair of sweatpants as a pattern and taper the legs or put elastic in the ankles and add volume to the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt.

From there, you can design a simple mask pattern out of a winter hat with eyeholes, using the same lycra.  The next step is creating a Y-shaped pattern from leather as a breastplate, using an accent color of their choice as piping and finding appropriate weapons as accessories, depending on what their school permits for such functions.

For adults, a Xena, Warrior Princess costume can be easily created by making a bodice out of chocolate brown leather and attaching strips of scalloped gold-studded leather for a skirt, making a dramatic impact at any Halloween event.  Although many women choose to wear this style with only boyshort style bottoms underneath, you can create a more conservative version of this look by designing a white skirt onto which you attach the strips of leather.

Kids ninja halloween costumeFrom there, you can use the large scraps of leather to create “kickpad” style boots, cutting the leather to fit over your calves and curve over your shoes; slip them over a comfortable pair of tennis shoes with a piece of ¾ inch elastic holding them over your shoes to ensure that you are comfortable while standing at a Halloween party or trick-or-treating.

The arm cuffs, headband, bicep cuffs, and shoulder pads can also be created out of scrap fabric with minimal effort.  Part of the beauty of using faux leather to design your costume is that it will not fray, eliminating the need for finishing edges; seamstresses with only a basic knowledge of sewing and limited time can easily create this look.

You can use the same basic pattern to create a Roman gladiator costume; for a more dramtic effect, add a red cape to the outfit.  If you are pressed for time with either of these costumes, pairing them with a pair of dramatic gladiator heels can make for a seductive look, while gladiator flats will enhance the costume in a manner that is still comfortable.

Warrior Halloween costumes are certain to be a hit at any Halloween party, costume contest, or trick-or-treating.  With a little bit of creativity and the right fabric, you can easily create a costume that your friends are certain to remember for years to come.


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