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Oct 17 2011

DIY Leather catwoman costume

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Many of Halloween’s hottest costumes for women and coolest costumes for men are made of leather or artificial leather; however, it can be difficult to find high-quality off the rack. When you are looking for the perfect ensemble, it is easier than you might assume to make your own leather Halloween costume.

Since the release of the movie Catwoman, starring Halle Berry, Catwoman has been one of the most in-demand Halloween costumes for women. To start, purchase a leather fabric that you like, or a glossy vinyl fabric for a shinier finish, and find a pattern for pants, bearing in mind that there is no stretch to leather, so you must allow for this and cut in a larger size than you would usually wear. You will also need an old pair of black pants to cut the mask and cuffs from, as well as an old leotard.

In the video above, you can see how simple it is to finish a Catwoman costume once you have made the pants:

Start by cutting the bottom 12 inches of fabric off of each leg of the old pair of pants. On one leg, trace a curve for the top of the head and ears and two eye hole with a white fabric marker; turn it inside out, sew along the curve, and turn right-side out again for a simple mask. With the other leg, create the arm cuffs by cutting it in half and sewing the long raw edges together.

If you do not have an old pair of pants, the same can easily be accomplished by cutting new pattern pieces out of fabric, which will match your costume better, but will take the eye of someone who knows how to create their own patterns.

From there, take your white fabric marker and marker where you wish to rip on the leather pants and the leotard; fold each rip in half and cut. If you are a more advanced seamstress, you can create your own bra-style top and crossing straps across the abdomen out of the same fabric as the pants or a glossy vinyl fabric, which is easier to scrunch for the appearance of a fuller bust, finishing it off with grommets or buckles.

Once you accessorize with a hardware-style belt and whip and glam it up with red lipstick and dramatic eyeshadow, you will be ready to win any Halloween costume contest with your DIY leather costume.

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