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Aug 17 2012

Catsuit Ideas and Advice

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full body vinyl catsuitWhether one wants to create his or her own catsuit for the Halloween party of the year or for a random night on the prowl, a one piece outfit is the best place to start and branch off of. For example, a unitard serves as a flexible and form fitting base for any type of suit. It also helps to wear something made out of a light, thin, and stretchy material such as stretch vinyl. This fabric also provides a “sleek” look, which is perfect to represent a feline. The wearer has to decide how active he or she wants to be while wearing the suit, as well. If it’s purely for show, then looking shiny all night is the way to go. Thankfully, there are many options available.

Because most cat suits are represented by darker colors, it might be advantageous to think ahead on how long the suit will be worn to what the weather may be like on the day or night it is worn. Color has strong effects on fabrics; black traps heat whereas lighter colors reflect light. A cat suit is meant to be mysterious and sexy, highlighting legs, arms, and core. But this can be done without going overboard on a budget or material.

black pleather pantsIf a stretch vinyl one-piece seems too constricting, try tight black denim jeans and a tank top. Or a pleather vest and pants. Any type of faux leather product could work, and like vinyl, has an easy-to-clean exterior. There is also the option of finding some old turtle neck in the closet that has been waiting years to be worn again. It would certainly serve as a great top piece to a cat suit, especially if one is trying to mimic an “alley” cat style. Once the actual cat body is taken care of, the rest is more open and customized.

Accessories are easier to make and can add the most flavor to any costume. Ears may be something to get fancy with, as well as a tail. Even if the cat body is made from duller fabrics, pleather or stretch vinyl would be a great material to emphasize things like paws, tails, ears, etc.

Whiskers can be made out of long toothpicks or drawn on the face with eyeliner. Paws can be formed out of cotton oven mitts, knitted gloves, or long gloves made from a faux leather. If a unitard with feet is worn, then the back set of paws is already taken care of! It would also be pretty sweet to slide around on slick floor boards. Some prefer boots to socks, or a mask to face paint. While Catwoman is a standard template to follow for cat suits, it’s important to remain creative and individual.



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