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Sep 01 2012

Youtube Catsuit Review

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A young woman gets extremely creative, using worn out jeans, vinyl pants, and a leotard to create a modern Cat-woman-suit. Catsuits can be bought already made, usually from vinyl or pvc, but that’s cheating. Vinyl is cheap to buy on its own, and tired pants can be found in the back of any laundry room. The video shows how to make a costume out of the simplest materials, and in only a few minutes.

The woman starts with a cat mask. She uses a turned inside-out piece cut from the bottom half of a pant leg. She chalks an outline of the eyes, cuts the top part of the mask and the sides, only to sew them back together. This way, the mask does not look like an upside-down bucket. Next, she uses another bottom piece of a pant leg, this time folded, cutting down the middle, and sewing the open sides. Two “cat” arms, done.

The body, or top part of the suit, is a plain, black leotard. The woman chalks scratch marks onto the leotard, and on various parts of the black, vinyl pair of pants she will use as her bottom piece. Vinyl is a material that will not fade elements like chalk. She snips jaggedly around the chalk, making large tears that look like they were scratched out by a cougar.

This catsuit is comfortable and costume-worthy. However, if someone did not have those materials, what else could be used? Instead of vinyl, latex sheeting could have been used. It has a sleek exterior, working perfectly for any part of the catsuit. Pleather is also another option. Like vinyl and pvc, it does not cost much to buy, is easy to obtain and work with, and makes for a sexy show piece.

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