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Sep 07 2012

Stretch Vinyl Costume Ideas

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Ghouls and goblins are now archaic Halloween costume ideas. Gone are the days when witches and werewolves populated neighborhood streets, crowding doorways for free treats. As characters became more complex, so did their costumes. One of the most functioning materials to use, no matter what genre the costume reflects, is stretch vinyl.

Superhero costumes are probably the best example of what stretch vinyl looks like and how it’s represented; Catwoman, Black Widow, Spiderman, etc. Whether vintage versions incorporated vinyl into their original designs, adding some shine and glam just deems them modern. Even if one wants to stick to the vintage image, vinyl can still be utilized. This applies to classic Halloween costumes as well. A nurse is a very common fall get-up. Not only is it cute, it’s sexy. An alternative to wearing a plain, white cloth skirt would be a stretch vinyl one. It would highlight the simple attire completely. white and red vinyl skirt

Stretch vinyl is vinyl, but with more flexibility to move in. Costumes that are used in physical activity would definitely benefit from this. Also, because it is water proof and resistant, it’s easy to maintain and can be worn repeatedly. Any type of vinyl would suffice for a costume meant to be seen and shown off. Wearing a full blown suit may seem too much, so thank the fashion gods for accessories. Gloves, boots, hats, headbands, belts, sashes, etc. are small items with large declarations, and they shouldn’t be forgotten. black vinyl catwoman gloves

Anime is another category where plastic coated fabrics are applicable. Same with cyber-oriented costumes, like aliens. With space costumes, colors and finishes have room to expand. For example, a metallic purple suit would fare well for a standard sci-fi look. Even a creepy swamp creature could be mimicked by using stretch vinyl for that “wet” look. Other advantages include cost. For most, finances are limited, and people want their money to go far. Not only is vinyl a cheap product, it can be re-used for other things, such as aprons, upholstery repair, pet costumes, etc. going green doesn’t have to burn green, unless, maybe the costume is the Green Lantern.

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