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Sep 07 2012

Vinyl Halloween Outfit Ideas for Your Pet

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Halloween is that fun time of year to go around to the neighbors’ houses and get a bagful of free candy.  Dressing up in crazy-colored wigs, adding costume makeup, finding a cool outfit, and becoming an unrecognizable person is just another part of the fun tradition.  But dressing up is not just for the humans anymore.  It is becoming more popular to dress up that four-legged family member in a cool vinyl costume, too.

The practice of dressing up the pet dog has been around forever.  You can see dogs in little doggy sweaters all the time.  But it has become especially popular on Halloween for more people to dress up their dogs in an outfit when the dog owners want to work the pet in with their costume.  This might be Toto to go along with a Dorothy outfit from The Wizard of Oz, or the dog could be transformed in to the cartoon dog, Pluto, if the group goes with a Mickey Mouse theme.  There are so many creative ways to truly make the family dog a part of a family event.  And each year, the costumes get more and more elaborate.

Although such dog whimsical costumes are cute and fun, some people like to go in a more hardcore direction when it comes to dressing up on Halloween.  Of course, there are your ghosts, zombies, Count Draculas, and bikers.  Creating a ghost dog can be easy enough if your dog does not continuously try to get the sheet off.  A zombie dog or dog vampire may be a little trickier to accomplish.

Nothing gets more attention for your dog than a vinyl costume:

  • Transforming into a rough-and-tough biker can be easy-to-do if you have a lot of leather.  To complete your costume, your pet sidekick is going to want something vinyl to match your own outfit.  There are several black vinyl jackets on the market that can easily turn your dog in to a biker, too.
  • If you have a pink princess for your own costume, then, of course, your pup will have to match with her very own pink vinyl jacket.  The two of you will be walking the streets on Halloween in style.
  • Any dog channeling his inner Grease T-Bird will need a black vinyl jacket, too.  Complete the look with a little white t-shirt and people will think you have a Danny Zuko on your leash.

The best thing about vinyl is that it will be easy-to- clean if your dog tends to get dirty when out on the Halloween walk.  If you can’t find the perfect outfit for your canine friend, you can always make your own vinyl doggie Halloween costumes.

There are so many different ways to get your pet a part of the Halloween spirit, from something as little as adding devil horns, to a complete outfit from head to tail.  A lot of people take their dogs with them on the walk from house to house so it makes sense to get the dog dressed up, too.  If that does not convince you, just think; you may get an extra candy bar or two for having a dog in costume and the pictures of dog dressed up in its vinyl Halloween costume will be priceless.


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