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Sep 15 2012

Cosplay Video Review

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Cosplay, a term used to mean “costume play,” is the point behind events like Comic-Con. All over the country, mass amounts of people come out to play, disguised and dressed up like their favorite superheroes, villains, comic book stars, etc. Throughout the hours, millions of colors, patterns, designs, and props are seen. Materials and fabrics like latex, pleather, and pvc are no longer solely reserved for secret fetishes, and this video proves how into their costumes people can be.

There are characters from Star Wars, who wear already-made costumes, a girl wearing Freddy Kreuger’s infamous sweater and hat, and too many Batmans to count on a single set of hands and feet. Even the host of the video is wearing a skirt that looks like it was made out of a plastic base fabric. Most of the costumes shown throughout are made out of cheap, withstanding, comfortable fabrics. These are a few of the best elements to have when making or choosing a costume to make and/or wear.

A minute and a half into the video, a guy, with some sort of lighting design on his costume, is wearing a full body suit. His suit looks to be fabricated out of leatherette; a type of imitation leather. It serves as a breathable alternative to something like pleather. Latex is known for its shine and dramatic effect. Therefore, it is commonly used for tight, mysterious, and sleek costumes. If latex can’t be used, pvc has the same basic qualities. Both have stretchable abilities, too.

A costume does not have to resemble an already-known character. The point of cosplay is to be as “out there” as possible, and enjoy the art of costuming. Kids aren’t the only ones who love to play dress up.

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