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Sep 21 2012

Celebrity Halloween Costume Slideshow Review

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Celebrities get to dress up all the time, but Halloween is still the best day of the year for them to go all out and not have to worry about paparazzi and gossip splattering their careers and reputations. In an ironic way, seeing famous stars play in costumes makes them seem more human and down-to-earth.

In this short slideshow, model Heidi Klum and singer Seal steal the first slide. She is dressed as an alien, covered head to toe in plastic, and possibly, latex. Seal’s costume as the Silver Surfer looks to be made from a metallic silver foam suit.

Christina Aguilera’s costume, while simple is easy to copy at home. She is supposed to be a sexy cop, but her belt could use some shine. She should’ve worn some sort of leather material to compliment her black vinyl hat.

Liv Tyler’s bird-meets-cat-meets-sorcerer costume is another simple ensemble. Besides the feathers, the only real creative piece is her mask. It could be replicated by being cut out from something like pleather pants.
Kate Beckinsale’s vinyl-esque corset is beautiful, and it matches her gloves. Her husband balances out their costumes with thick leather pants; Frankenstein in style. Buzz Lightyear shows the light side of vinyl’s strengths. The legs would look a bit better if they were tighter. Latex sheeting would be a suitable option for this effect.

Most of the costumes presented in the slideshow appear to have been made autonomously. Though, I’m sure some were bought from the typical all-year round Halloween store. It’s no secret that the majority of costume play uses fabrics like pleather, leather, vinyl, latex, etc. it’s not so much how the materials feel, but what they are portraying. Wonder Woman, for example, is a very sparse outfit, but the right colors and materials can make it bold. Gold pvc would capture the original superhero’s look, and it would highlight the costume as a whole. Not only are the previously mentioned materials collaborative, they are inexpensive, reusable, and practically maintenance-free.

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