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Sep 23 2012

Funny Halloween Costumes

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While Halloween is kind of our version of “The Day of the Dead,” dedication to strictly scary costumes is not always on everyone’s agenda. Sometimes, dressing up as dumb celebrities, politicians, television moguls, etc. makes for great costume ideas.

snookie vinylTake Dog the Bounty Hunter for example. This guy’s staples revolve around leather and feathers; not hard to duplicate. All one would have to do is feather his or her hair (either literally or figuratively), strap on a dark brown leather vest (complete with cheap beads), and wear a pair of sunglasses from the dollar store. If a pair of leather or pleather pants is available, put those on to complete the ridiculously silly bounty costume. dtbh vinyl vest




Since “The Jersey Shore” is coming to an end, costumes dedicated to those meatballs could be a way of saying goodbye and good riddance. Besides the wacky gelled out hairdos, vinyl tube tops and strapless dresses adopt the classic “shore” look for women. For the guys, muscle shirts and vinyl pants to match your ladies seems like the perfect situation for a funny Halloween costume.

2012 is a political year, but those guys running don’t usually incorporate fun fabrics into their wardrobe. The next best thing: dumb celebrities. Bret Michaels made his comeback a few years ago, and he has since not been forgotten. Another costume idea, some of the materials might even be stuffed somewhere in a closet, could be a cowboy hat (hopefully with a long blonde wig), and ridiculously tight leather pants. The top does not even matter. Do a crappy job applying mascara and eyeliner, and you’ve got one of the hottest 80s rock stars looking back at you in the mirror.


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