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Sep 25 2012

Television-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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When Halloween rolls around, there are always going to be those classic costumes of vampires, zombies, ghosts, and Frankensteins, but it is becoming increasingly popular to mimic a famous celebrity star, either as a tribute to Lady Gaga or to poke fun at Snooki.

We all have that favorite television star or celebrity. We admire how they look and how they dress. When the time of Halloween rolls around, we have to opportunity to look like one of those famous people. It is a lot of fun to feel like a star and even more enjoyable when people recognize who you are trying to look like.

When creating your costume, there are always those telltale qualities that a television star is recognized for. For some, it is the hair color, so your costume will emphasize that. For others, it is a unique sense of style that he or she is known for, which should be reflected in your costume. Although there are a few celebrities who are so popular that you can purchase a ready-made costume at the store, others will be trickier, mandating that you get creative with the sewing machine.

Recently, there have been so countless people dressing up as the people from Jersey Shore, who, as living caricatures, are easy to imitate. Even if you do not watch the MTV television show, you will probably know who a person is dressing up as if you see the big hair, deeply tanned skin, lots of makeup, and tight outfits.

Aside from Jersey Shore, the possibilities are endless, since there are so many television shows out there. You could go in the direction of a cartoon character, a reality show host, or any famous celebrity that you see on the red carpet. All you have to do is find a picture of that person in an amazing outfit and copy it.

For fans of the HBO television series, True Blood, the possibilities are infinite, as there are so many recognizable characters like Sookie, who you could imitate by dressing up in her waitress outfit, or choose one of the vampires, such as Pam. Pam offers Halloweeners many costume options because Pam’s whole wardrobe in the series is very much like a costume. She wears a lot of tight vinyl clothing, which gives her that hardcore, bad vampire vibe to the viewers. Add some fangs and bright red lipstick and you have just transformed yourself in to True Blood’s Pam.

For those who are more in to the crime scene shows, there are a lot of Halloween costume ideas there that can make you stand out from all the other trick-or-treaters. CSI fans can dress up as an investigator and carry around a case that contains all the gadgets you need to collect evidence, or you could go in an entirely different direction and be one of the bad guys that the CSI investigators arrest.

While many of the bad guys may not be recognizable to anyone who is not a diehard fan of the show, there are some serial killers that a lot of people will recognize. One example of this is the serial killer known as “Sqweegel”. He dresses in a full body latex suit, leaving only his eyes, which are different colors, showing. Even if people do not know where the costume is from, they will still be impressed and terrified by the outfit.

Halloween lets us become someone different for just one night. We can be terrifying or cute. The possibilities are endless and each year the costumes get more creative. Becoming a television star for the evening through vinyl fabric can be a fun escape from reality. And there’s free candy.

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