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Sep 29 2012

Faux Leather Uses for Halloween

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leatherette suit2012 proves to be the year of the superhero. From “The Avengers” to the trilogy of the epic “Batman,” all sorts of costumes and make-up are being splattered on the big screen. Movies are a huge influence for Halloween costumes. Kids who can’t even say “spiderman” run around, door to door, in their cute little suits. Thankfully, the array of these blockbuster characters covers both the simple and plain, and the dark and mysterious. So when Halloween comes around, a few of the best materials to help enhance and highlight these features will use different types of artificial leather.

Concerning leather, nothing can ever be as good as the original. But not everyone wants to sacrifice an animal for fashion, nor shell out hundreds of dollars for a single jacket. And as time goes on, artificial leather is only getting better as far as cost, ease, and replicative abilities go. For costume-making, especially, fabrics made out of plastic, or vinyl, or pvc are the smartest route to take. Sometimes, we want to keep the costumes from five years ago, and that is another benefit of using something like leatherette.

faux leather leggingsLeatherette is very popular for clothing and upholstery. Its base is made from a fabric, and its outside is covered with plastic, usually a soft pvc layer. Practically maintenance free, it also is basically guaranteed to never crack or fade. Leather is extremely heavy on its own. While it transfers heat, it is still not a good idea to keep it on for hours, especially on a Halloween night where physical activity is a must. Leatherette, on the other hand, looks like leather and is breathable.

Certain fabrics are limited in their utility. Not everything goes great with fur, for example. Leather is the same, but its artificial counterpart is more versatile. This means that there are more possibilities in which the material can be used. If someone does not want to be Catwoman, but wants to trap her enigma and finesse for her own costume, then any type of artificial leather should suffice because of the different textures, styles, patterns, and finishes that are available with such matters.

Halloween is one of the best days of the year, a chance to be something or someone else for a few hours, for all ages. To those people that really care about what they want to wear, represent, show off, etc., artificial leather is highly recommended. Not only is it applicable to the actual dressing, but also to any props that may come along. It could probably be used as the candy bag or bowl! Some examples of the possibilities of artificial leather are shown here.



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