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Oct 01 2012

Make Thigh High Boots from Existing Shoes for Halloween Costume

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This video shows an easy and quick way to turn ankle boots into thigh highs. The demonstrator is wearing leather or faux leather ankle boots. To raise their length (or to make them appear raised), she takes a skirt, which seems to be made from the same material, measures the length compared to the original boots and her legs, and cuts down each side, splitting the skirt into two even pieces.

She folds each piece in half, and sews them, as to make a cylindrical shape to wrap around her legs. But she leaves a few inches unsewn. With these extra inches, she sews on a few short, elastic bands. Their purpose is to offer stretch ability when fit around the knee/high leg area. She puts them on and voila!

The original boots do not get touched in any way, so if mistakes are made, or it’s just not the right style, no harm, no foul. If a skirt is not available, this could probably be accomplished with pant legs, or large pieces of whatever fabric is around. Leathers, real or faux, are a better choice because of their finish and darker tones. It’s ideal to match with, and darker colors can help pull off the illusion that the boots are actually thigh high.

Another pro is the change-up. In the fall, thigh highs are necessary. But in the hotter seasons, take off the add-ons and wear the ankle boots. It’s the perfect pair of shoes because they will last and look good throughout the year.

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