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Oct 04 2012

Vinyl and Latex Star Wars Costume

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“Star Wars” will never die. Not only is the story unforgettable, the costumes are plentiful and flexible. Kids and adults can wear them, which makes them ideal for family oriented costumes. They can also be adapted to today’s hottest or most used fabrics, like vinyl.anakin vinyl

The options concerning vinyl go well with costumes worn in Star Wars. For example, Anakin Skywalker wears a lot of leather. Well, not everyone can afford that, and that’s where matte vinyl comes in. Its exterior is almost an equivalent to leather, and it comes in the same colors. It could also be made into a replica of Anakin’s vest, with a simple t-shirt under it. Accessories are what really make Star Wars’ costumes unique.

The most famous, Darth Vader, is also an easy wear. Not only is he drenched in black, he is shined with mysteriousness. Forget the face piece, unless one is already had. Face paint is cheaper and creative. The rest of the outfit would use a cape or robe made from patent vinyl. The exterior is what to focus on. Patent vinyl is thick and less flexible, which is good in this case because Darth Vader is not a flimsy or thin character, by any means. Underneath the cape could be black denim jeans and a black top. Like Anakin’s wear, it does not have to break the budget. Darth Vader is also for the ladies, who would only have to wear tighter pants since their legs are usually worth showing off; Vader with a twist.

vinyl female vader

Speaking of ladies, Princess Leia deserves some credit. Depending on what outfit the wearer wants to remake, patent or matte vinyl could be used, even gold pvc for her bikini-like ensemble. The usual thing we see her in is like an all-white sheet with a belt. That sounds pretty simple to mimic, and easily spotted once the trademark buns-on-the-side hairstyle is worn. Of course, her usual drab can be turned into something a bit more modern. Cut some slits into the bottom half of the dress, or turn it into a skirt. Less material used can mean less money spent. Or wear some white, vinyl pants and a white tank top. It’s all about the hair with Princess Leia, anyway.

princess leia


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