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Oct 08 2012

Pleather Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is just around the corner which means that you may already be thinking about candy. But most importantly, you will be thinking about your costume. Do you want to be the same thing as last year? Or do you want to try something different? The inspiration for your costume can come from anywhere: a fictional character from your favorite book, movie, or television show, a classic scary figure, or something entirely original.

The ever popular book and movie, The Hunger Games, may spark a new Halloween costume trend this year. For fans of the fictional characters, Katniss Everdeen might be seen ringing doorbells and singing out “Trick or Treat!” on the night of October 31st. All a girl would have to do is have a messily braided hair, a bow and arrow, and at least a good, pleather jacket. A little dirt streaked here and there would add a nice touch. Maybe the Trick-or-Treater could pull a stance like the one shown in the picture every time someone opened the door.

For the guys, there is a strong fictional character that you can be too. Fans of the television series, Supernatural ,will recognize Dean Winchester and his distressed pleather jacket. Add Dean’s typical t-shirt underneath, worn blue jeans, charmed necklace, and bad-boy walk and you have transformed in to the demon hunter.

A fireman is always a classic Halloween costume. This costume is also made out of pleather material to give the glossy appearance. While it may not scare the kids on the block, who doesn’t want to be a fireman for a night?

A final idea starts with this pleather, cowboy/cowgirl hat. Add a pleather vest with fringe, a plaid shirt, blue jeans, pleather boots and a gun holster. You are now a member of the Wild West! Once Halloween night comes, you will be all set to round up some candy.

The list goes on for new and well used ideas. Some like to dress up as the same thing each year –that’s tradition –but if you are looking for something new, think about the previously mentioned ideas and see what works for you! Happy Trick-or-Treating!


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