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Nov 12 2009

Best Vampire Attire for Women

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Everyone’s favorite get up – the blood sucking Count Dracula. Nothing else strikes fear in a Halloween costume party than to dress up as a Vampire. But what about the women out there who are looking for that Dracula-like edge for their costumes? Well, there are a variety of vampire vixen ideas out there, so no hope should be lost. Here is a list of vampire costumes for a lady who wants to snag her own Count Dracula.

MJTrends.com fabrics for vampy vixens.

MJTrends.com fabrics for vampy vixens.

VAMPIRE GOTHIC ATTIRE - Before the film Twilight was shown worldwide, vampires were seen as grotesque figures hunting down humans for their food. They were labeled as the devil reincarnate and were naturally feared. After Twilight though, the vampire gained some mileage in the glam department. If human beings can catwalk themselves into fashion, so can vampires. This vampire costume would consist of a vinyl spaghetti strap dress made from your favorite black leather, vinyl, or PVC fabric. Top it off with a sexy hat and a veil for a completed look. A cape, choker and sleeves could also be included.

Devislish fabrics: MJTrends.com

Devislish fabrics: MJTrends.com

DEVIL STYLED VAMPIRE – A vampire/devil reincarnate will definitely tempt you in a way that no one has ever seen before. A costume that can be like a red cat suit complete with horns and gauntlets. It would be on a high collar a cut-out on the cleavage area shaped like a keyhole with front zippers. While a belt loops consisting of a devils tail. Colors may vary.

VAMPIRE BRIDE COSTUME – Here comes the bride all dress in white, fangs that is. Even vampires need a husband till death they do not part. Obviously the colour is white with a PVC fabric strapless gown. It must fit snugly and comfortably for that sexy feeling. Top it all off with a necklace, hat and gloves, don’t forget the bouquet. Now for all the human guest you are the food at the reception.

Sexy vampires outfits: Fabrics by MJTrends

Sexy vampires outfits: Fabrics by MJTrends

VAMPIRE MISTRESS - Not everyone knows but Dracula loved women, he loved them so much he actually collected mistresses for himself. Want to be included. First of all you must have a costume with a plunging neckline specifically a gown with bell sleeves. Include also a belt and a black dagger. You will be number one in Count Dracula’s list of mistress.

VAMPIRE GRIM REAPER - Who would have thought that Grim Reapers come in sexes? Female grim reapers, who wouldn’t want to die early maybe after dying you, could catch a date with her. In order to convince others that you are the Grim herself. Dress yourself a long hooded dress with sleeves tainted in red for blood effects. Give a sexy effect with thigh high slits and a textured leather belt that connects the outfit together. Everyone would certainly die for you.

These are some of the outfits for vampire crazed ladies who wants to get the best out of a Halloween party. Dress the part and act the part and you will be on your way to the castle of Count Dracula sipping blood having a hearty meal consisting of human heart and…ah okay have a nice time at the party.

Making your own outfit?  Be sure to checkout MJTrends.com for all your vampy fabrics and sewing notions including patent vinyl, pvc fabric, black mesh netting, latex sheeting, and more.

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