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Dec 15 2009

Fictional Character Costumes

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Halloween costumes for adults usually fit a different set of requirements than children’s costumes.  Some adults look for costumes that represent their favorite celebrities. Others put a premium on originality and effect. And then there are those that go to the sexy route for one thing – to attract attention…in a good way.

Usually, female superheroes or heroines have costumes made out of leather, vinyl, or rubber fabrics, which undoubtedly makes for sexy attire each and every time. In heroines and even villains, costumes can be revealing without needing a reason to be. These seductive vixens have always had a stand in our entertainment, but they can equally have a stand in our Halloween ensembles.

For Halloween costumes, coming to a party dressed as one of these heroines or villains is definitely a crowd attraction. Just get the right fabric and the right form and put it all together. Top it off with a mask then you’re ready to go. Here are some suggestions for Halloween costumes that embody the look of sexy fictional characters.

MJTrends: Halloween Fabrics for Cats & Humans!

MJTrends: Halloween Fabrics for Cats & Humans!

CATWOMAN – Who hasn’t watched batman? His counterpart in the series, Catwoman, is the undoubtedly the star of the show with her sexy vinyl catsuit. It accentuates every curve of her body. The Catwoman attire has a very sexy effect for someone who has chosen this to for a costume. You can parade around as this feisty woman as much as you want. Just don’t throw a cat-like hissy fit along the way.  Visit MJTrends.com to pick up either a 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch pvc vinyl fabric.

Electra halloween costume

Electra halloween costume

ELEKTRA – Daredevils love interest, and Elektra can pull off just that in the sexiness department. Her hanging red costume is a definite show stopper, no matter where you look. It exudes an adventurous persona typifying the characteristics of Elektra herself. If you can walk as Elektra does, the whole package will be complete.

Jennifer Garner wore a black leather top and tight jeans in the movie interpretation of the femme fatale.  She also dons two triple headed daggars and a red corset top with matching pants.

POISON IVY – Her green rubber plant costume can hypnotize anyone. If Batman and Robin fell for Poison Ivy’s look, who knows what it would do to the mere mortals that parade around on Halloween. For an environmental themed Halloween party, this will also be a perfect choice for a sexy-green look.

MJTrends: Halloween fabrics for bat girls

MJTrends: Halloween fabrics for bat girls

BATGIRL – As Alicia Silverstone donned that batgirl suit, wow was the only thing most viewers could say. Fighting crime has never been so good and sexy. The Batgirl costume exemplifies mystery and sexiness all at the same time, and you can make it from leather, vinyl, PVC, and the like.  Use black mesh fabric for faux bat wings that hang from your elbow and attach to your back.

WONDER WOMAN - Someone who can pull off a wonder woman costume on a Halloween night must have tons of self confidence to put on the one piece bikini suit and flaunt that super-woman attitude. If you can find an invisible jet to complete the package, you’ll be all set!

PRINCESS LEIA – Now here’s the real clincher: remember the Jabba the Hut scene wherein Princess Lei was captured and made to dress a leather Arabian two piece get up? For all Star Wars fans, this is the scene they had a hard time forgetting. You can make your own sexy Leia uniform to wear this Halloween.

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