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Jun 05 2009

Nurse Costumes: Fabric and Design Choices

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Care taking industries such as nurse, doctors, firefighters, and police officers are popular choices for halloween costumes. As kids, many of us dreamed of working in one of these industries. For this article we will focus on different kinds of nurse costumes, different designs and fabric choices.

MJTrends.com: White, red vinyl / pvc fabric.

MJTrends.com: White, red vinyl / pvc fabric.

Scrubs are the easiest nurse costume to buy or make. If you live in an urban area you probably have a store dedicated to selling scrubs. For little to nothing you can pickup a pair, and since they don’t have to fit well, you can grab a one-size fits all and be on your way. But let’s be honest, nurse scrubs are not very interesting or novel.

A more interesting type of nurse outfit would be a dress with matching hat and a pair of stockings. For a more conservative look you could use an inexpensive pair of white leggings or stockings. To add some spice add a pair of fishnets or even vinyl rimmed stockings with rear seam.

Good fabrics for making your own nurse outfit would be white stretch lycra, stretch vinyl, or latex sheeting. As we’ve mentioned in our other articles, latex sheeting is not actually a fabric, but it’s pure rubber and is typically glued. Any style can be made with latex, but it does take some time to learn how to glue it, and takes longer than it would if you were sewing it.

MJTrends: Latex sheeting, vinyl, patent vinyl fabric.

MJTrends: Latex sheeting, vinyl, patent vinyl fabric.

If making a nurse costume of your own and you decide to go for a tighter fit, remember not to forget a zipper. After a long night of trick or treating / costume parties, you don’t want to get home exhausted and have to struggle out of your costume.

White fabric alone won’t make for a believable nurse. You will also need some red material to add piping, trim, and an appliqué to your costume. The red cross symbol, a white cross inside of a red circle, is perfect to designate yourself as a nurse. In fact, you could put ruffles, cutout a keyhole, or implement a myriad of other design choices to make your nurse outfit standout. That’s the beauty of making your own!

Here are some other ideas:

  1. Place a zipper going down the front of a tight fitting mini dress, that can be zipped down just a tab for a seductive look.
  2. Use pvc fabric or latex as your base fabric or trim for a shiny look that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Add a pair of patent vinyl boots or super high heels to your outfit for sass.
  4. Combine your outfit with fishnets or seamed stockings.
MJTrends: Black, pink, hot pink vinyl, pvc fabrics & latex sheeting.

MJTrends: Black, pink, hot pink vinyl, pvc fabrics & latex sheeting.

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