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Sep 01 2012

Youtube Catsuit Review

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A young woman gets extremely creative, using worn out jeans, vinyl pants, and a leotard to create a modern Cat-woman-suit. Catsuits can be bought already made, usually from vinyl or pvc, but that’s cheating. Vinyl is cheap to buy on its own, and tired pants can be found in the back of any laundry room. The video shows how to make a costume out of the simplest materials, and in only a few minutes.

The woman starts with a cat mask. She uses a turned inside-out piece cut from the bottom half of a pant leg. She chalks an outline of the eyes, cuts the top part of the mask and the sides, only to sew them back together. This way, the mask does not look like an upside-down bucket. Next, she uses another bottom piece of a pant leg, this time folded, cutting down the middle, and sewing the open sides. Two “cat” arms, done.

The body, or top part of the suit, is a plain, black leotard. The woman chalks scratch marks onto the leotard, and on various parts of the black, vinyl pair of pants she will use as her bottom piece. Vinyl is a material that will not fade elements like chalk. She snips jaggedly around the chalk, making large tears that look like they were scratched out by a cougar.

This catsuit is comfortable and costume-worthy. However, if someone did not have those materials, what else could be used? Instead of vinyl, latex sheeting could have been used. It has a sleek exterior, working perfectly for any part of the catsuit. Pleather is also another option. Like vinyl and pvc, it does not cost much to buy, is easy to obtain and work with, and makes for a sexy show piece.

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Aug 17 2012

Catsuit Ideas and Advice

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full body vinyl catsuitWhether one wants to create his or her own catsuit for the Halloween party of the year or for a random night on the prowl, a one piece outfit is the best place to start and branch off of. For example, a unitard serves as a flexible and form fitting base for any type of suit. It also helps to wear something made out of a light, thin, and stretchy material such as stretch vinyl. This fabric also provides a “sleek” look, which is perfect to represent a feline. The wearer has to decide how active he or she wants to be while wearing the suit, as well. If it’s purely for show, then looking shiny all night is the way to go. Thankfully, there are many options available.

Because most cat suits are represented by darker colors, it might be advantageous to think ahead on how long the suit will be worn to what the weather may be like on the day or night it is worn. Color has strong effects on fabrics; black traps heat whereas lighter colors reflect light. A cat suit is meant to be mysterious and sexy, highlighting legs, arms, and core. But this can be done without going overboard on a budget or material.

black pleather pantsIf a stretch vinyl one-piece seems too constricting, try tight black denim jeans and a tank top. Or a pleather vest and pants. Any type of faux leather product could work, and like vinyl, has an easy-to-clean exterior. There is also the option of finding some old turtle neck in the closet that has been waiting years to be worn again. It would certainly serve as a great top piece to a cat suit, especially if one is trying to mimic an “alley” cat style. Once the actual cat body is taken care of, the rest is more open and customized.

Accessories are easier to make and can add the most flavor to any costume. Ears may be something to get fancy with, as well as a tail. Even if the cat body is made from duller fabrics, pleather or stretch vinyl would be a great material to emphasize things like paws, tails, ears, etc.

Whiskers can be made out of long toothpicks or drawn on the face with eyeliner. Paws can be formed out of cotton oven mitts, knitted gloves, or long gloves made from a faux leather. If a unitard with feet is worn, then the back set of paws is already taken care of! It would also be pretty sweet to slide around on slick floor boards. Some prefer boots to socks, or a mask to face paint. While Catwoman is a standard template to follow for cat suits, it’s important to remain creative and individual.



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Oct 17 2011

DIY Leather catwoman costume

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Many of Halloween’s hottest costumes for women and coolest costumes for men are made of leather or artificial leather; however, it can be difficult to find high-quality off the rack. When you are looking for the perfect ensemble, it is easier than you might assume to make your own leather Halloween costume.

Since the release of the movie Catwoman, starring Halle Berry, Catwoman has been one of the most in-demand Halloween costumes for women. To start, purchase a leather fabric that you like, or a glossy vinyl fabric for a shinier finish, and find a pattern for pants, bearing in mind that there is no stretch to leather, so you must allow for this and cut in a larger size than you would usually wear. You will also need an old pair of black pants to cut the mask and cuffs from, as well as an old leotard.

In the video above, you can see how simple it is to finish a Catwoman costume once you have made the pants:

Start by cutting the bottom 12 inches of fabric off of each leg of the old pair of pants. On one leg, trace a curve for the top of the head and ears and two eye hole with a white fabric marker; turn it inside out, sew along the curve, and turn right-side out again for a simple mask. With the other leg, create the arm cuffs by cutting it in half and sewing the long raw edges together.

If you do not have an old pair of pants, the same can easily be accomplished by cutting new pattern pieces out of fabric, which will match your costume better, but will take the eye of someone who knows how to create their own patterns.

From there, take your white fabric marker and marker where you wish to rip on the leather pants and the leotard; fold each rip in half and cut. If you are a more advanced seamstress, you can create your own bra-style top and crossing straps across the abdomen out of the same fabric as the pants or a glossy vinyl fabric, which is easier to scrunch for the appearance of a fuller bust, finishing it off with grommets or buckles.

Once you accessorize with a hardware-style belt and whip and glam it up with red lipstick and dramatic eyeshadow, you will be ready to win any Halloween costume contest with your DIY leather costume.

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Oct 15 2011

Halloween Warrior Costumes

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Xena sexy leather halloween costume

Xena warrior leather halloween costume

When you are going as a warrior for Halloween, it is key that you select a unique and high-quality leather or imitation leather, as the fabric can make or break your costume.  Among the most popular warrior costumes are: Xena Warrior Princess costumes, Nordic warrior costumes, gladiator costumes, ninja costumes, and Cherokee warrior costumes.

The fabric that you choose to create your costume is ultimately a personal choice, whether you select faux leather, patent vinyl, suede, lycra, or another type altogether.  A Ninja warrior is one of the most common children’s costume, which can be easily constructed by making a lycra top and pants.  Although many people rely on patterns, you can simply use your child’s favorite pair of sweatpants as a pattern and taper the legs or put elastic in the ankles and add volume to the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt.

From there, you can design a simple mask pattern out of a winter hat with eyeholes, using the same lycra.  The next step is creating a Y-shaped pattern from leather as a breastplate, using an accent color of their choice as piping and finding appropriate weapons as accessories, depending on what their school permits for such functions.

For adults, a Xena, Warrior Princess costume can be easily created by making a bodice out of chocolate brown leather and attaching strips of scalloped gold-studded leather for a skirt, making a dramatic impact at any Halloween event.  Although many women choose to wear this style with only boyshort style bottoms underneath, you can create a more conservative version of this look by designing a white skirt onto which you attach the strips of leather.

Kids ninja halloween costumeFrom there, you can use the large scraps of leather to create “kickpad” style boots, cutting the leather to fit over your calves and curve over your shoes; slip them over a comfortable pair of tennis shoes with a piece of ¾ inch elastic holding them over your shoes to ensure that you are comfortable while standing at a Halloween party or trick-or-treating.

The arm cuffs, headband, bicep cuffs, and shoulder pads can also be created out of scrap fabric with minimal effort.  Part of the beauty of using faux leather to design your costume is that it will not fray, eliminating the need for finishing edges; seamstresses with only a basic knowledge of sewing and limited time can easily create this look.

You can use the same basic pattern to create a Roman gladiator costume; for a more dramtic effect, add a red cape to the outfit.  If you are pressed for time with either of these costumes, pairing them with a pair of dramatic gladiator heels can make for a seductive look, while gladiator flats will enhance the costume in a manner that is still comfortable.

Warrior Halloween costumes are certain to be a hit at any Halloween party, costume contest, or trick-or-treating.  With a little bit of creativity and the right fabric, you can easily create a costume that your friends are certain to remember for years to come.


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Oct 13 2011

Faux leather costumes

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Faux leather Halloween costumes are incredibly popular among both men and women, whether you are a woman looking for a seductive and somewhat naughty costume or a man looking for an edgy costume.  Popular women’s costumes include “biker babe” costumes, dominatrix costumes, superhero costumes—including Catwoman and Batgirl, and pop star costumes, like red Britney Spears “Oops I Did It Again” jumpsuits and Lady Gaga costumes.

Lady GaGa faux leather Halloween costume

Although faux leather jumpsuits can be unforgiving, they are a look that ensure that you will stand out from the other Gaga costumes at a Halloween party, which are frequently reproductions of the blue monokini from the “Poker Face” video.  Lady Gaga has a wide variety of leather looks, which can also be reproduced infor a shinier look and more stretch, which can be valuable if you are a less experienced seamstress or are unsure about sizing for an outfit with little stretch.

One of the most fabulous faux leather costumes for men in a KISS costume, which takes a skilled seamstress to complete.  Although it can be intimidating at first, the key is to take it step by step.  Start by making black lycra pants with a comfortable elastic waist; next create a faux leatherV-shaped vest that goes on like a women’s one-piece bathing suit.

From there, it is all about the accessories: create a scalloped cape and use the scraps to create armband to attach the cape to and kickpads to over the boots, which simplifies the process of finding dramatic boots by simply covering tennis shoes with leather that attaches with elastic under the shoe.  Using a large grommet machine, attach silver grommets on the cape, vest, and boots.  Although it is a bit more involved than your traditional Halloween costume, a good KISS costume runs close to $500, so it saves you a great deal of money in the long-run and ensures that it is customized and tailored to your specific desires.


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Sep 06 2011

Making a vinyl batgirl costume

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This video features a how-to on making a batgirl Halloween costume out of vinyl fabric.  This video is simple and easy to follow, because the how-to girl shows in easy to follow directions of where to cut, how to measure, and where to sew.   Using your body, rather than measurements the presenter shows you that it is the easiest way to fit the pattern to your size.

Then she clearly directs you where to sew, but all the while without making you overly concerned with perfection in both design and sewing skills giving you greater confidence in making your own clothes. The simplicity takes away the fear of creating a vinyl outfit on your own.

You can even update or modify the pattern to create any look that you please.  That simple dress design would work great paired with a matching vinyl witch’s hat and some thigh-high boots.  The versatility of making your own clothes with vinyl fabric like shown in this video is amazing.  The presenter uses the extra scraps from the initial cuttings from the dress pattern to make arm bands, and an extra sheet of vinyl fabric is simply tied around the neck to make the batgirl cape.

Using this video you can envision many different ways to use the fabric and the techniques shown to make other equally impressive Halloween costumes.  Even though this video presents the information without the use of words, it is able to transcend language thus allowing nearly anyone the capability of understanding how to make such Halloween costumes.    If you are interested in making a batgirl costume or any other costume that can utilize the patterns shown here, then this video is a great tutorial to get you started.

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Aug 06 2011

Best costumes when you’re single

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Halloween costumes are fun for everyone to enjoy from families and friends, groups and couples, to children and singles alike, everyone can join in on the fun of having the perfect costume.  The point of a costume is to get you noticed as a character, as something funny, or even something more poignant.  However, singles may have some trouble in getting their act together if they are used to going as something wild and crazy or as a couple.

Bunny costume made from pink pvc fabric

Pink vinyl bunny costume.

When choosing your next Halloween costume as a single individual, you should not take the considerations of your friends and family into play, instead you should consider pleasing yourself with something that you would like to wear and something that you believe will be eye catching to potential mates.

Now, this may be difficult if your idea of catching a piece of arm candy involves wearing a burka or some other costume that covers your entire body.  You should, instead, look for costumes that are sexy, statement making, or conversation starters.  Say you are an avid Family Guy fan and you want to dress as one of the characters from the cartoon for Halloween, go for it.

Shows like Family Guy are popular amongst many people and going as a character could be a conversation starter for other friends of the opposite sex.  Another choice would be to go as a famous old school character like something from Speed Racer or some other timeless classic that looks good; because people will see that you are either a true fan or have a love for nostalgia.

Vinyl fabric warrior costume

Womens Vinyl warrior costume.

Now, women, we all know what costumes tend to get the most attention, and that is the skintight, leg revealing sexy costumes of French maids, nurses, and really any character or profession that can be turned naughty or into a male fantasy.  If you believe you can pull off one of these looks, go for it, you might just find your next potential mate as nearly all the men at your Halloween party will have their eyes on you for good or bad alike.

Speaking of party’s, the most important thing on Halloween is that you cannot expect to grab the opposite sex’s attention if you do not go out to do something fun on Halloween night.  You absolutely must go to a party, throw a party, or go out on the town in order for your costume to have any sort of magnetic effect on potential lovers.  So, once you’ve passed out candy for some time throw on your Spartan, gladiator, sexy kitten, favorite character, or whatever costume and head out to where you will see people and people will see you.

Vinyl gothic fairy costume

Vinyl gothic fairy costume.

Singles need to understand that the world is not so hard in attracting the opposite sex; you just have to show that you are actually interested and things should fall in line.  However, do not get too overzealous and think that just because your costume is witty that someone will fall for you.  Engage in conversation about their costume and they just might see through yours.

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Jul 06 2011

Reuse last years costume

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When you’ve spent about fifty bucks on a Halloween costume or spent the time and money to make a costume on your own you get kind of annoyed that the only time you are going to wear it is one night of the year.  You might wear it a second year in a row, but wouldn’t you rather get a new one rather than stick to the same old thing.  Why not find another place for you to wear that sexy costume?  Well, you can, because there is more than one place for you to wear your old Halloween costume.

Goth black vinyl dress.

Purchase black vinyl fabric

If you have a skintight short black vinyl dress you can definitely multiuse these for something else other than on Halloween.  Costumes like these, even the ones that are more character driven, when worn with different accessories and no petty coats can be worn to a club, to a party, or on a night out with friends.

When you de-accessorized these costumes they are not as eccentric as one would think, thus they are the perfect investment of your Halloween spending cash.  More people, especially in this economy, should be figuring out ways to multiuse everything in their lives in order to get the most out of everything.  For guys, say your costume involved a pair of pleather pants, why not wear them during a night out on the town, same goes for vests.

There are many conventional options when choosing to wear your costume during the off-season.  Another interesting choice would be to throw a party.  Give yourself and your friends a reason to wear their Halloween costume during the year.  You can throw a movie themed party where your friends with those costumes come dressed as their old Halloween character from a movie.  This way you all can enjoy the fun of wearing the costume that you spent your hard earned money on.

Top and skirt made from vinyl fabric.Other than parties, if you are getting married, some people have chosen to have Halloween themed weddings, in which guests and wedding party alike wear their Halloween costumes to support the theme.  If not a wedding the same can be done for any themed party.

The key to wearing your costume not on Halloween is to have fun and to not be afraid of how you will look.  Even if you are choosing to wear your costume to a nightclub or a party you should just learn how to have fun with it, because we all have these items in our closets and we all need to learn the lesson of not purchasing things if they are only going to be worn once.  Halloween costumes are something that can be enjoyed year round if you know where to go and drop your inhibitions.

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Jun 06 2011

Making your own costume

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Halloween is the time of year when your inner creative self can come out.  If you are feeling the creative bug, then you should try to make your very own customized Halloween costume.  Making your own Halloween costume, at first, may seem daunting, but there are plenty of how-to videos and directions online.

When choosing the fabric for your costume, you will want to choose one that is not only easy to work with, but easy to care for as well.  Vinyl fabric is some of the easiest fabric out there, and it also gives that realistic leather look to any simple costume.

Vinyl alice in wonderland.You can choose to make your costume to immolate your favorite cartoon, movie, or comic book character.  Vinyl fabric is perfect for these kinds of costumes, because the high gloss finish gives more of a superhero vibe than anything.  Become Batman with an all vinyl outfit and matching cape or go for a sexy Alice from Alice and Wonderland in an all vinyl costume made with your own creative mind.

Costumes may seem to be very complicated to put together, however, they have simple patterns that you can make to create the looks you want, you just have to be able to break down a seemingly complicated construction into a simple pattern work.  Like the Alice and Wonderland costume, all you have to do is make a simple dress pattern of the likeness of the dress the character wears, draw it on the fabric, sew it up, and add a petticoat underneath for volume.

There are so many different characters for you to choose from when it comes to choosing your next Halloween costume.  Other ideas are not character based, but are still popular options for people during Halloween: gothic witch, Trophy Wife, naughty maid, naughty nurse, Spartan, gladiator, and many more.  There is a choice for everyone.

Gold vinyl fabric costume.For those costumes such as the Trophy Wife or a gothic witch the costume consists of a simplistic design, just a simple all vinyl gowns.  Now, with something like a Spartan or a gladiator you will need to either paint faux buttons or get a stud gun to create the appropriate look.

There are many different choices, and many of these choices for a costume are simple enough to make that even the novice sewer can figure it out without too much difficulty.  However, when considering making your own vinyl costume you must take into consideration the amount of time you have to create and the amount of fabric that you will need.

Vinyl fabric is fairly inexpensive, but you do not want to have to make numerous fabric purchases.  The best advice would be to have the outfit already planned out and your measurements made before you go to purchase fabric that way you can ensure that you have enough fabric to make your creation.  Making your own costume allows you to express yourself in a unique way, it’s fun, and so rewarding!

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May 08 2011

Crazy latex costumes

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This short thirty second video compilation is of a behind the scenes look into a latex costume photo shoot.  In this video you can see the variations between simpler latex costumes to those of the wilder more fantasy styled costumes.  Another interesting thing in this video is that you are able to see how these models put on these costumes, because unlike regular clothing latex does not just slip on, some lubrication is needed.


The video’s wide range of fashions is wonderful, because for individuals newer to the world of such costumes they are able to see more variety to expand their closets and their minds.  There are all sorts of little accents shown in this video that just bring that much more umph to the costumes.  Items such as collars, belts, gloves, arm belts, head coverings, and other out-of-this-world accessories are some must haves when it comes to completing your outfit.  Studs, chains, and buckles are other wonderful accents that give more edginess.


Towards the end of the video the models are seen with their final costumes posing for pictures.  This depiction from beginning to end of the process is a good aid for anyone trying to determine what kind of outfit to make or purchase, and what is involved with wearing it.


In general latex costumes tend to be more restrictive than their lesser quality vinyl counter parts, therefore when choosing the perfect latex costume one needs to be sure that it will not only look great, but be comfortable as well.  If you are someone who enjoys the restriction, then a full on vinyl catsuit might be perfect for you.  However, if you are someone who is just looking to have a little fun or something simple, then a cute little maid costume or a costume such as the first one depicted in the video may be a good option for you.


Those individuals who are more into the extreme side of dressing or are simply latex fashion coneseures may enjoy the costumes such as the one with the head covering, the face mask, or the latex costume towards the end with the large blown-up horns.  These kinds of costumes are not really for beginners, because they require a little bit more work to get into with all the buckles and lubrication.

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