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Dec 16 2009

Simple Halloween Costumes for Men

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Picking the right Halloween costume for a guy can be an exhausting task. Why? Because men are lazy. You know it’s true! All the fuss of a costume is simply too much for the common guy, so here is a list of no-hassle costumes that you can whip up in a couple minutes. It takes no time to be the life of the party.

STUDENT NERD – This is just the simple routine of searching for dorky glasses and a button-up polo shirt. Make the shirt a tad small for your size to add to the appearance. Style your hair in a comb over, and add black shoes and a book for a nice effect


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NINJA - Finding a simple kimono and a shirt to make out a mask. Pair them in the same color. Toy samurai and shuriken complete the effects. Don’t forget the espadrille shoes!  Add a faux leather belt and some plastic swords to complete the look.

GYPSY - Varied colored clothes are required; go with leather boots together with loose pants tucked inside the boots. A scarf is usually worn around the waist and around your head. Add a few gold necklaces around your neck and you’re set!

CEO - This one’s the easiest of all. It’s just like going to a formal party. Just put on a nice suit and tie and you ready to go. Word of advice: this works best if you regularly dress up in sporty clothes; the change of attire effect will be a surprise to other people in the party.

TOURIST – Camera, a cap, and maps – that’s it! Couple this with a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts. Brochures and tickets complete the costume.

ELVIS PRESLEY - The king of rock and roll lives! Just find bell bottom pants (leather to be exact) and pair it with leather rock and roll tees. Style your hair, put on the Elvis goggles and you’re ready to go.

JAMES DEAN or FONZY - simple attire consisting of a leather jacket, loafers, a white t-shirt and jeans. Put on that too cool for school face to make it all work.

BASKETBALL PLAYER - Go athletic with this one. Just put on your favorite jersey coupled with compression shorts or a knee pad high cut Nikes complete the effect.

RAPPER - Yo! This one’s going to be off the hook. Just put on baggy pants, a large pendant necklace, a bandana, and a football or a baseball jersey. Low cut basketball shoes can be added.

CONSTRUCTION WORKER – Wear a sleeveless shirt together with a hard hat, safety shoes, and dirtied pants. Bring in a power tool and construction gloves in order play the part. If you’re aiming for a sexier look, aim for some vinyl material for the costume.

MUMMY – Just use strips of long clothing (white preferably). You know how to do it: just cover your body with it and your ready to go. Be sure to make room for your eyes and nose.
All of these are examples that can make the tedious effort of finding the right costume a little bit easier. The above suggestions can be twisted to a more unique look by adding better fabrics and materials. Just be sure if you’re going to use on the above mentioned, act the part that you’re playing.

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