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Sep 21 2012

Celebrity Halloween Costume Slideshow Review

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Celebrities get to dress up all the time, but Halloween is still the best day of the year for them to go all out and not have to worry about paparazzi and gossip splattering their careers and reputations. In an ironic way, seeing famous stars play in costumes makes them seem more human and down-to-earth. […]

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May 08 2011

Crazy latex costumes

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This short thirty second video compilation is of a behind the scenes look into a latex costume photo shoot.  In this video you can see the variations between simpler latex costumes to those of the wilder more fantasy styled costumes.  Another interesting thing in this video is that you are able to see how these […]

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Apr 08 2011

Reptile print halloween fabric

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Reptile print costumes are more than just your typical dragon, snake, or dinosaur costume.  There are so many more options available out there for individuals who want to get their reptilian on.  One such reptile print is snakeskin.  Snakeskin is a print that evokes sex appeal, passion, and not to mention fun. Snakeskin fabric can […]

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